Apr 15, 2014

A Lovely Ladies Tea

A couple of weeks ago - my bff, Stacey, and I hosted a ladies tea for the women of our church.  It was suppose to be a mother and daughter tea...as we figured most women there fell into one of those categories but in the end we opened it up to a bring a friend...or not...tea!

So she and I set to work, scheming and planning our little soiree.  We had collaborated once already in the fall for a ladies fellowship recipe exchange...but the turnout for that was less then encouraging!  This time around we were still a little downhearted as the RSVP date drew near and we only had six ladies confirmed. 
Now, just so you know - in all fairness, we do attend a rather small church say..100-120 people or somewhere around there - but still - we know the ladies and we expected more! 
But we were patient and as the day drew near more and more women were signing up and even on the day of, we had a few last minuters - in the end we had a total of around 26 woman!
So Stacey and I got busy!  Preparing food, getting decorations and organizing supplies for our craft!   


We wanted this little 'event' to mostly be about getting the ladies out and fellowshipping with each other...but seeing as both Stacey and I are crafty people...(take that as you will! *wink* lol!) we thought that having an activity for the woman, might be nice.

After scouring the local craft store, with another gal pal in tow, we settled on the idea of decorating wooden picture frames.


So the day came...and so did the rain but that didn't dampen our spirits!  The ladies arrived and seemed eager and excited!  There was delicious goodies, an ample assortment of teas, juice and coffee, soft music and lovely decorations.

Most of the women brought a friend and a few came solo - but there was plenty of conversation and good times to be had by all who came!  I had brought my own little ladies to enjoy the day with me.  They were good helpers and I think they felt special joining mommy at a ladies event! 


So all in all it was a really nice way to spend an afternoon!  We got to enjoy wonderful company, eat delicious goodies and be creative - my kind of day!  Even for many of the woman, who might not consider themselves crafty, seem to have a good time with the activity and honestly, I was greatly impressed with what each woman produced!!

Since is was such a great response, Stacey and I are excited and in the works on planning our next event...though I'm thinking it won't be until the fall...long after this little one is born and life has settled into a routine again....hopefully!

Speaking of little ones - the end of March and the beginning of April brought the blessings of a niece and a nephew! My sisters in law had their babies!!  First, Stephanie had her sweet baby girl, Miriam Sophia at the end of March - you can sneak a peek here.  And then my sister-in-law Chrissy, who's baby shower we just hosted a few weeks ago had her first baby - a son, Luke Justice - born just four days after Miriam. 


Now, that just leaves me waiting for our little one to make an appearance!  Just a few more weeks to go!


Apr 6, 2014

DIY Refinished Coffee Table

I mentioned in my previous post (here) that in all of my nesting - one of the projects I completed was refinishing our coffee table.  And so I have come good....because it seems I often forget to do these things...and I am posting about that now!

This is a project that has been on my mind for some time but I never got around to doing it.  We bought this antique table off of Kijiji a few years ago when we needed a dining room table.  We liked the character and charm but since owning it, our little family has grown some and it was just a tad small to seat us.  So deciding to chop the legs off one day, it became our coffee table.

So I took our nice...but somewhat drab coffee table and decided to give it some funk!

And in my often true fashion...I did not stop long enough to take photos of the actual process! sorry!  But I can say, it was pretty easy and I basically did it all myself! My sweet David did help me sand it because he's nice like that - but then I just went at it.

We sanded the top by hand, we could have used a small palm sander or something like that but it was going to take off too much of the top and we only really wanted to remove the old finish.  So with the two of us at it, it was short work.

If you really wanted to do it "right" then I would say, sand everything you want to paint...but I hate that part and so I just sanded the top and primed the legs of the table with a good, stick to everything, primer. (there has been a small bit of 'damage' to the legs so far - but meh, that's fine with me but if that's the kind of thing that would bother you - then I say sand away!)

So after the top was sanded and the legs primed - I put two coats of my choice of colour on the bottom.  I picked up those sample size jars of paint from the local box hardware store - I didn't need much and thought this would be the best way to save some money - and as usual, I picked my colour from Martha Stewarts' line of colours! (I LOVE her colours...but I don't use her actual paint - I find me a sale and colour match!!!)

The legs and skirt got their paint and then I set to work on the top.  I originally was going to use a stencil but decided in the end to just free hand it....mostly because I couldn't settle on a stencil I liked, and because I didn't want to pay the ridiculous price of those for a one use time and because my BFF said to just do it!  So I did!

I was very happy with how it turned out...except not 100% happy...I looked over my scroll work and found that it was just jumping out too much.  So even though my hubby assured me it looked lovely - I took the sandpaper to my hard, hand done swirls.


Okay...well...what I mean is - it was now exactly the look I had wanted!!  The painted bits no longer jumped out at you but became a part of the overall look!  With that done and looking lovely, I threw on a couple of coats of (water based) varathane and voila - a funtastic coffee table!

I am super happy with it and love that personal touch it now has.  I find that, as we are coming up on two years here, that I am looking for more and more projects that are really solidifying that this house is our home! 
Which means - that's right - the kitchen is up next!

Mar 30, 2014

You'd Think I Was About to Have a Bird!

That's how bad I have been nesting!!!


The past three weeks have had me go, go, going!! I'm barely sleeping and hardly sitting and it's not showing much sign of slowing down!

So far I have completed:
  • 2 nursing covers (neither of which is for me...so I guess I best get on that!)
  • 3 double sided bibs (a gift)
  • recovered a rocking chair
  • painted two side tables
  • refinished our coffee table (pics to come in another post!)
  • repotted a plant
  • helped host a baby shower
  • cleaned out and organized our pantry (with help form hubby!!!)
  • sorted through four totes of baby clothes (again with help from hubby)
  • organized our bedroom and set it up for baby (and yes...with hubby's help - I apparently am keeping him nesting too! ;) lol!)
  • sewed two pillows
  • kept up on the laundry (that's monumental people!)
  • sewed a stuff animal (another gift)
  • cleaned places that I have never cleaned before!

And in added prep for this little ones arrival, I have taken to preparing meals and snacks ahead of time - to make easier those early days with a new born and feeding my family...

So for the freezer I have thus far made:
  • 4 loaves of banana bread
  • 24 muffins
  • 4 dozen cookies
  • 2 Shepard pies
  • 4 crock pot pulled pork meals
  • 2 sausages in cream sauce meals
  • 13 hamburgers

The first two weeks, of this mad nesting, had me barely pausing for a break!  But this last week, I find the desire is there to keep busy but my stamina is just not matching! And by 2:00 in the afternoon, I am wiped! I have been crashing for the occasional nap - lasting an hour or more! 

It's kinda crazy how this feeling haunts me....to the point that the other day I was taking all three kiddos into town to visit a friend, with plans to get groceries after, when I found myself packing up my sewing machine to bring along...just so I could work on something while I visited!  I made myself stop and put it away - but it was hard to just sit all day!  I've since been visiting with a few other people and each time, I find the impulse to be working on something to be quite strong!

I've never nested like this before!


And so call me crazy but I just can't help myself....even as I type this, my mind is racing on the various tasks I should be completing....

But along with the busyness is a fair amount of discomfort and pain!!  I'm not complaining but it is tiring!  But ironically...or maybe thankfully - I hurt most after I have been sitting for any real period of time - so this keeping busy is easier on my pain factor...so it has it advantages...even if I'm so tired these days that full thoughts...or sentences even...are hard to formulate!

I do feel good overall - a little amazed that I have two months still to go...and then a little amazed that I only have two months still to go!

And well...I guess I should get busy...things are awaiting...a few more projects that I am itching to get done and well...sleep - there is always sleep calling me....if I could just stop long enough!


Mar 25, 2014

Spring Brings...

March has been a wonderfully busy month - busy in many good ways, fun, exciting ways!  Also it has been riddled with illness but seriously who hasn't been down with the flu around these parts!?!? It's been awful - I don't know anyone who hasn't been hit with it in some form or another!

But anyways - back to the fun, exciting, good things!

First there was my sister-in-laws baby shower! No, not the same one as last time - the Fall Tea Party Baby Shower, sister-in-law - though she IS due any day now with her second baby!  But my other sweet sister of my hubby.  My SIL Chrissy is due in a few weeks with their first baby!

So a few of us got together and threw her a Spring themed baby shower...lets not mention the 6 inches of snow that fell later that same day...we were being hopeful!  It was a lovely day just the same!

There was food, games, family, friends, gifts galore, and oodles upon oodles of coffee!! 

It was such a nice time and the snow didn't actually start to fly until, thankfully, after the guests had gone home!  I'm excited to meet both of my sisters-in-laws' little ones - both baby genders are unknown (as well as ours...but WE wanted to find out! :P lol!)  I have my thoughts on what each lady will have...but only time will tell!

Speaking of time - well the first day of Spring came which means my second little is now FIVE!!!  Yes, my sweet, silly Catherine is five years old!!  And since my kiddos had a nice two week March break - she was home to celebrate! 

And celebrate we did!

Her birthday was drawn out over three days.  We didn't do anything particularly big but just sweet, simple family fun.  My hubby had to work on her actual day but her Granny, an Aunt and a cousin were out to visit.  The following day was a Grandma, another Aunt and cousin for supper and cake.  Then the Saturday, where we got to spend the time....as more snow fell....with just us!

I made her a white cake with strawberry shortcake and chocolate icing, topped with strawberry 'roses'.  It was pretty tasty!!  There were crafty, creative and fun gifts, oodles of balloons and all around I think she had a fantastic Fifth birthday!

Hard to believe my second little is now five!! She's such a quick whip and a giggly, silly, super sweet, loving little girl!!  She certainly has a servant heart and is quick on the hugs and kisses!  She adores colouring, playing board games and being silly!

Catherine is a beautiful blessing and we pray God's continual presence and guidance in her life!  May she always be the sweetheart that she is and may her joy continue to shine for Him!! 

And so Spring thus far has brought fun and flurries...but the weather forecast says warmer days are ahead...and so I hold to that!  I have oodles of projects I have been working on and what to share with you....I just have to sit down long enough to get them up on here!

But I will try - I feel myself having to slow down and I'm in the last two months before this newest little one arrives - so best to rest while I can....or not....oh and we finally got that pantry of mine cleaned out - OH how fantastic that feels...and looks!!

Things are coming together nicely for the arrival of this baby and I very much look forward to meeting our wee one!! The anticipation of knowing if it's a girl or a boy is killing me slightly though...but I guess...practicing patience is never a bad thing...right?


Mar 10, 2014

Fatigue and Family Fun

So I have been meaning to get a post up for well over a week now!  At first I struggled with not really having much to say....  Well...actually I do have lots I want to say...but the truth is - by the end of the day, I'm spent!

Well...that has been the case...until these last few days.  Up until this past weekend - I was more then done once the sun had set....heck...I was more then done by say, 2:00pm! 

I'm still finding that I have a real lull at that time of day - but if I just take a break and relax, I can catch my second wind - one that now seems to be filling my sails late into the evening!

And that wind is filling these sails to a point that many a projects that were on my 'list' are getting crossed off and rapidly!  It's very much a strong nesting feeling....but I still have about 11 weeks left to go....!

I have found this pregnancy to be much more exhausting then my other ones - be it that I'm older, or have more kiddos to manage or what have you - it's been a real energy struggle these past few months. 

But oh....I am excited for this little one to come - to breath in that new baby smell, to hold that unreal small bundle in my arms, for sweet new born snuggles, to finally meet this wee person and gaze at a miracle in the flesh!

It's a tad unreal to think that we will be the parents of four children this year!!  I love it and can be, on occasion, overwhelmed by it!!  But I see who these sweet people are that God has already blessed us with and I'm overjoyed and crazy excited to add to our family and get to know this newest addition!

And family is something we have really been relishing in as of late!  Playing games, Lego building, movie watching, snowman making, quiet cuddling....just soaking up all the little moments and enjoying the blessing of spending quality time together! 

Including the sharing of the stomach flu!


But all is well now, everyone is feeling good and we plan on enjoying our two week March break. And even though there is still mounds of snow out there, I know Spring is a coming and I anxiously await it's arrival - for it brings many good things! 



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