Jan 1, 2016

Time to Say...

It's hard, so hard, to put down these final words....to try to express my thoughts and feelings, in this format, for one last time!  I still struggle with knowing if this is right and each time, I conclude it is.  Will I miss blogging? Oh yes! Yes!!  Even writing that out, I pause and re-read what I've wrote and my mind says, "Are you sure?  SURE????"


It's funny that it's such a struggle...what is it that causes me to question this choice.  Is it the format that draws me back?  The creative outlet at my finger tips?  Is it the readers, you, my friends??? I think it's a bit of all of these....each of these has merit and worth in this endeavour and my reasons for why I have, and why I want to continue to pursue it.

But time, ah time; that elusive measurement and an apparent constant theme of my blog!  Not a theme that I intended to write about, certainly not as much as I have, but it is, I would say, the theme you can most readily trace through these words of mine.  But it's time that is asking me to decide; to decide how best to spend it in this new season before me.

I love the feeling of my fingers flying over the keys, it's comforting and freeing.  I like how my mind can empty as I type, unloading my thoughts, feelings, memories with no limitations, other then self imposed ones.  For seven years now, when time has given me a choice, it was here that I turned.  I clicked on that 'new post' button and began to hash out a post.  I eagerly would upload and edit my photos and pick the right music to set the mood.  (Remember they days of music players on blogs! I miss that!)  I gave the hour or two, or more, it took to work out the kinks, thoughts and rambles, to insert and arrange photos and then hit publish and await for the comments and thoughts (or not, lol!!) of others.

But time these days, my time, is begging me to make more and more choices.  It's such a valuable commodity, not like money....because, as I've heard, they print more of that each day! *wink*  But time, once spent, is gone!  And so, when given the choice, as of late, how to spend my time, blogging has fallen far down on the list.  I mentioned, in my last post, how I could maybe pop in now and again but I can't...I don't want to, and so I will wrap this up as if it's the end because I feel that this chapter is closing.

And what a chapter it has been!

Ugh, I don't even know where to start....I thought about reading over the years and highlighting favourite posts...maybe making a video montage, something like that....but then I knew I wouldn't be able to decide and would probably spend a couple evenings just reading posts and never actually get this one up! lol!!!

I will say, there are really two things that I have taken away from blogging that, I pray, will never leave me.  First, that I grew so much as a writer!  Your comments, compliments, encouragements and just the joy of this craft, grew my skill and love for writing more then I even thought possible!  It's something that has encouraged me and sparked an interest in possibly other forms of writing but I will see where that goes.

. And secondly...and I believe more importantly, is the friendship I gained with my friend Bevy!!! What a gift, what a privilege and joy to have had the Lord bring us and our families together. (If you missed that adventure you can read the fun and shenanigans here!)  And yes, dear readers, there are plans in the works for us to visit them this Spring!! I'm sure she will keep you all posted on that!!  I'm so thankful for her friendship and...well, words have escaped me on just how special it is.  How I almost cried, for joy, when they arrived at our house last Spring and how in five days we were Fremily and as comfortable as any old pals could be!  I look forward to many more adventures with them and will, forever, bug them to move to Ontario!!!

I love you Bevy! And I will keep "popping in" on you to read about you and yours and you will keep calling me and becoming more of a phone person! *wink* ♥

Those two things, I believe, are the biggest take-aways that blogging has brought me.   But it's time that I have gained in these years and, as I typed out this post, I was most terribly reminded of how precious and fleeting time truly is.  It came as news, sad, heart-breaking news.  A young life, one that did not know our Lord, ended on Christmas day.  He left behind his fiancĂ©, family and only thirty short years on this earth.

I cry typing that out.

And I cry that it often takes moments like these, events like these, for me to acknowledge the stirring in my soul.  The stirring
 in me that asks me, "Is this all I am meant to be doing?  Is this really living?  Am I truly serving the Kingdom or am I caught up in this world...this life and forgetting what is eternal?"

. I beseech you all to consider the days, the battle for souls at hand.  For I know there are times I question our God.  I question His allowances, for the horrors that exist in our world, for the heart ache and honestly, I am so tired of death!  And yet, my heart, my soul acknowledges His wondrous, incomprehensible love.  How our perfect Creator even glances our way, deems us worthy...worthy enough to suffer for us, on behalf of us, when He is infinitely and truly good!

It is through this tragedy and the various losses I have faced over the years, that I see God's goodness....no, not in the moments, not in the actual events, far from it in those moments.  But in His goodness that there is hope, there is a choice.  There is a choice on how to spend the moments given and that all this will one day pass away and where will you be?

I want to be standing at the feet of the One who created everything and be able to say, "You forgave me.  I did nothing but Your son, Jesus Christ, gave His perfect life for my sinful one."  And I will walk through eternity with my Creator.

Am I always faithful in how I use my time, no friends, I certainly am not.  Are all my endeavours holy, pure, righteous, sadly...and realistically no.  But do moments, like this heartbreaking Christmas day event cause a stirring in me?  Yes.  They stir in me the importance of this one life.  Of how it passes so quickly and in a moment so much can change.  In these moments I remember this is a war, a war for souls and for serving a God who gave Himself to save us.

And so friends, I pray that the words I leave you with stir your soul to consider the days before you, the moments you are graced with and to contemplate their eternal value.  If you can and do believe this is your one life and in the end you will be asked to give an account, what do you want your life to say?

For me, I want my life to say I served you Lord, the best that I could.  

And I want my days, the ones that make up this life, to be characterized by:

Love, for all people, without prejudice and judgement.
God's glory!  I want His glory to shine through all the big and especially the little, areas of my days.
Music, there is never enough music!
The A,B,C's. Art, beauty and creativity.  There is beauty in the world, you just need to look for it!
A Godly legacy, however He wants that to look like.
Joy.  Joy in various trials knowing this world is not my home and keeping my eyes on what truly matters.

...there is so much more I want to write out to you all, thoughts to leave you with and things I want to say...but then I think I have said it all, all that really matters any ways.  Know that I am ready to embrace the days a head, I feel a stirring in my soul that cannot be ignored for much longer.  I am ready to live, live fully for Him and though I am terrified of what that will look like, I know it is the only way to go forward.

I pray for each of you reading this.  I pray you know our Lord, know Him lovingly, fully, dearly.  I pray you make a choice today to see your time as precious and fleeting and that you see eternity as real and long and amazing, if you are walking with the One who knows you most intimately.  I pray you abandon your struggles, your trials, into His hands and let His strength and peace be what carries you day by day.  I pray your life brings honour and glory to the purpose for which it was created, to love and worship the One who created it!  And I pray friends, that your life be characterized by good and wondrous things.

And if you think of me, put on some music, breath in life and hug someone, anyone and know that I will be smiling along with you!

Thank you for the journey!

Love, forever and always,


Dec 13, 2015

I Had A Dream

The other night, I had a dream.


Not out of the usual you say, but for me it was!  Not so much that I dreamt, cause I'm human and dream like the rest of us but what was unusual, was that it stuck clear in my mind and I could vividly remember it!  Now that is uncommon!

Usually sleep is last on my list of things to do...one of the first on the list of things I'd like to do but falls short on the actual making time for it.  So when I do dream I don't remember them.  And so I was reciting this 'stuck in my mind' dream to my hubby and though I abandoned the practice over a decade ago, we felt the need to look up the meanings to this one.

Most of my dream was dominated with birds, three types to be exact.  A giant woodpecker, a large black bird and a hummingbird.  There were also many people in my dream, all familiar to me and soup.....not all sure what that was about but the birds, they just seemed out of the norm for me.  As I said, I don't 'practice' dream interpretation any more, mostly because of the reasons stated above and also because many of my dreams are induced by late night snacking! Ha!  But when I looked into the meanings of these birds and what they were all doing in my dream I knew that there was something to it.  At least what I found, confirmed what I was already feeling in my heart.

The overall meaning I came away with is this;  I am embarking on a new season, a new journey and though I'm ready and willing, I am not yet living up to the potential with in and I am at risk of sabotaging my own efforts.  Kinda crazy but yet, I can see that working in my life.

And well friends....what does this all mean to you?  It means, that as of January 1st, 2016 I will no longer be blogging.

For I have been praying and seeking and wondering for sometime about what to do with my little piece of cyber space. That dream, well, it answered what my heart already knows; that the season for blogging is over for me.  It's slightly heart breaking to write that, to finalize it in words and hitting publish may just cause me to shed a few tears!

What a journey this has been!  I will complete seven blogging years on the first of the new year!  I think I will talk about the journey then but for now, I'm going to focus on the new season ahead.

As some of you may have assumed, yes my job is taking time that I once put into my blog but it's not just my job that is vying for my time these days.  For the past few months I have found new hobbies and interests that I spend my time on.  And I have more that I want to invest in and so something has to give.  These are all good things and I have contemplated changing the focus or style of my blogging to accommodate this new season in my life but I just can seem to fit it in the list of things I need to and want to, do.  And one thing about me, that you may or may not know, is that I'm an "all or nothing" kind of gal!  I'm either all in or out!  And so I contemplated just keeping the blog and jotting down my thoughts now and again but that's not me.  It won't work for me because I'm either on here at least once a week, talking non-sense, sharing family fun or the occasional bout of wisdom or I'm not here at all.

So with that resolve, I know that the end of Homemaker Design is timely.

I chuckle because this feels bigger then it is and yet it is big to me, on some levels...and I want to write out all that I have learned and grown in over these seven years but I will save that for another...maybe my last?! post.

So I will be back, at least one last time, to share thoughts and rambles, those things I'm well known for! lol!  Just be assured that I feel great, amazed really, at where God is leading our family right now!  No, things are certainly not perfect, for example our car just died and no, we have no idea what we are going to do! Like NO, idea! lol!!  But I know He is faithful and we've seen it time and time again.  I know He is faithful to walk me and us through the seasons ahead and I can rest in that.


I had a dream and that was to blog and to grow in the written word.  I've done that and though I would like to say I will continue, I think it's just not the season.  God has laid before me new dreams and I look forward to embarking on them with as much gusto, learning and pure enjoyment that this one has brought me!

With all my love,


Nov 17, 2015

The Road to Becoming by Jenny Simmons :: Review

When I first read the write-up for The Road to Becoming by Jenny Simmons, I have to say, I scoffed.  Jenny was the lead singer of the band Addison Road who travelled the United States and were pretty big stars.  What I scoffed at was the sub heading for the book; Rediscovering Your Life in the Not-How-I-Planned-it Moments and the thought that this woman would know anything about living a life that the rest of us could relate to!?!!?

And eat that scoff I did!

Jenny writes one of the best stories I have read in a long time! She tells the true tale of her life but so real, so relatable, that I was laughing and crying more times then in all other books I've read combined!

The story takes place over about two years of her life, with nice references and walks down memory lane that make us, the reader, feel like she's a good friend.  The whole story reads like a conversation over coffee and I imagine Jenny to talk much the same as she writes.  She tells of how she walks through various seasons focusing on the loss of dreams, the burying of life plans, the desert wondering when we don't know what lies ahead, and then finally, the coming through it all into the still yet unknown but God lead and life changing path that is before us.

I related waaay to much to her writings and often felt like I had written whole sections myself!  I shared many of her humours renditions of life's events with my husband and he laughed along with me.  Jenny's story telling is brilliant and her openness refreshing and encouraging!

I don't think there is anyone I would not recommend this book to!  But I would certainly pass it a long to anyone who's ever dreamed and seen that dream die and wonder what lies ahead.  To anyone who's looked at life, seen the hand dealt and wondered what they are to do with it all.  And I'd certainly pass this book along to anyone who's struggling with where they are at in their current season.

It's a charming, endearing book and one that I sincerely enjoyed!

I received this book, from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.

Oct 26, 2015

Life is What Happens While You're Busy Making Other Plans

I don't even know if I can put to words all the changes, growth, adjusting that has transpired in me...in my life...over the last few weeks.  I touched on it here, speaking about God changing my heart towards my sin of idolatry and gluttony, plus throwing in the desire to pursue more exercise!  

Let's just say, if you don't believe in miracles, we should talk!

hahahah! *sigh*

In that post I also mentioned how I've been reviewing my heart, our life choices and overall, examination of my life and where it's at.  A tad mid-life crisis sounding eh?! lol!!!   But then...not so funny. Because I mean, what if? What IF this is my mid point?  What if I only had another thirty some years before I stood before God and had to give an account?  What if I only had three more decades, how would I fill my days, use my time, make an impact?!   What would I do, where would I go, who would I meet, how would I make it all count?

So of course, hubby and I began dreaming, scheming almost, if you will, about what we could do, where we could go, how we should live.  We spent much time in prayer and for the last while thought we might have an inkling of where the days ahead might lead.  But God, His humour...His ways, always get me.  So while my husband and I were pondering ideas of what may lay ahead, of the big things, the little things, the everyday things, God turns us around and drops, of all things, a job into my lap!

A job??  Really??  

And in essence, it's not so much a job as a ministry opportunity....for pay...not a lot of pay but something, which is certainly helpful! lol!!  And it's crazy, it's in these moments when your faith leaps forward because this ministry is exactly something that has been on my heart for a few years now!  I am working with young pregnant and early parenting women, a demographic that has had my heart for some time but one that I never knew exactly how to help! 

My aunt and cousin had come for their annual visit this summer and my aunt had talked about how there was going to be a maternity house opening in her area, a six hour drive from here.  I thought it would be amazing to be apart of that but no way for it to happen.  Then just two short weeks ago, through a local event, I learned of just that kind of home not 30 minutes from my door!  So I met with the Executive Director and a week later began work!  

The organization is Crowns of Life but I will be working specifically for their Susan Shirley Program.  You can check out the Facebook page here or their website here.

I'm working a bit more then part time, in the evenings, to try to balance it with our schedules, as hubby's work will probably slow down over the winter but right now, he's still pretty busy.  I haven't worked outside the home in over eight years! (Other then the occasional photography shoot!)  We will have a learning curve figuring out how to balance everything, and though I worry a bit, I'm also pretty calm as I know God has a plan and He will work it all out!

And it's just funny, funny how we had set our sights in one direction and never would have dreamt this in a million years but yet, this is what God has placed in our laps.  It fell so fast, so perfectly and though I have my reserves about working outside the home again, I can't argue with the peace I have about it all!  I have no idea how long this season will last and so we are taking it as it comes, one day at a time!

My title for this post is a John Lennon quote, not that I'm a big Beatles fan but just something I found articulated my feelings well.  That while we plan and ponder on the days ahead, life just keeps on keeping on.  That we can dream and plan but yet not lose sight of the now, of the things God brings along and places in our path.  I know we, (hubby and I) often struggle with just how much we are to do, how and when we are to be active participants in God's plans or when to just wait patiently.   I wish I had answers to that, but I don't.  What I do know is that when you wait on the Lord, regardless of  your plans, He is faithful to answer.

And so, we will continue to pray about the days ahead.  We make plans, ponder ideas, scheme dreams but in the mean time we live the life given.  Working to not forget that life is all the moments, the big, the little, the mundane and the grand adventures!  

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.


Oct 12, 2015

The Irresistible Community by Bill Donahue :: Review

The Irresistible Community is one of those books you just want to dog-ear, highlight and note take, the whole way through it!  Buuuut, I'm not one of those people....so I just book marked many of my favourite spots...and then decided I should just re-read it again after!  Yes, it was that good!

It was that good in that Mr. Donahue writes all about an area that I think is very much neglected and or missing in many 'churches' today!  The theme of the book is all about building a strong, healthy and biblical community within the church(body).  Using three components of the last supper, the table, the towel and the truth, Donahue builds a convincing and inspiring case about the need of community for believers and what that should look like.

The only thing I did not like about the book was the opening of each chapter, and this is truly just a personal opinion thing.  The author begins each chapter with a short piece written as from a first person perspective of each of the twelve disciples.  He writes well but for me, I'm never a fan of people adding to what we know in scripture about the thoughts and feelings of the people in the Bible.  I chose to not watch movies that portray the same idea, not saying there is anything wrong with it and I know people who greatly enjoy this, but it's not for me.

But honestly that was all I did not like!  I look forward to reading The Irresistible Community again and will maybe break my rule of keeping it pristine and really get into it with highlighters, pen and note book!  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow in a community feel with other believers, to better understand how we should respond, care and act with our brothers and sisters in the Lord and what our calling to our local communities should be as children of God.

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for my unbiased review.



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