Oct 20, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 20 - 4 O'Clock

Ah 4'Oclock, that busy, chatty, organized chaosy, supper readying, family filled time of day!!  I really wanted to take a shot of the going ons in our house at this hour...but in the end I snapped a shot of the clock...the only thing that stands still, even if it's only for a minute, during that hour!

I had to laugh, as Bevy posted a similar image and post!  Her feelings differ slightly then mine but I imagine our households feel very much the same during this time of day.  Though most days, my hubby would be coming in the door with the older two gals - now, since he is on parental leave, either one of us is coming in or all of us - as he and I will often go pick the girls up from school together these days.

Wow - day 20 today people!! Only eleven days left!!  Hang in there, the time will fly by!

Tomorrow - Day 21 - CALM


Oct 19, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 19 - Letters

I don't always love the English language but I do love these 26 letters and all that they can do!

And as I was walking around my house, deciding what to take a picture of, I suddenly realized all the letters and words that I use in decorating my home!  The letter pictured above are from a stamp set that my hubby got me a couple of years ago.  I've broken them out a few times for helping to create a new piece of art...but I believe this is the first time that they were the art!

Tomorrow - Day 20 - FOUR O'CLOCK


Oct 18, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 18 - Made You Smile Today

...okay so first off...apparently photos of bananas in black and white...do not make people smile...or even comment for that matter - guessing those were not a hit among my readers eh?! Ah well, can't win 'em all! But I liked it...at least a whole lot more then I like to eat them!

Anywho....moving along....today's prompt...well that was hard because a lot of things made me smile today!!  But this moment, captured at a birthday party this afternoon, certainly had me grinning!

What I would have given for a birds eye view for this shot!!! 

Did any of you play with the parachute while in school?!  I remember it from way back! It was always a favourite thing for us kids and that seemed to ring true today!   Back then though, we used a beach ball but today there was a giant balloon!! The biggest balloon I have ever seen!  It was fantastic!!

But something today, that I did not smile about, was the fact that my hubby is sick!  He's never sick, never!  And last night he woke up feeling pretty bad and so he has spent most of the day in bed - other then when he mustered up the energy to come to the birthday part - but since he has spent most of the day in bed - I've had some pretty serious, "one on one" time with four special Littles that I love!

So what made me smile about each of them today....

I smile because of the baby, who loves her feet!  Not as much as I do, mind you, but it's adorable to watch her grab and pull and tug at them and all the while I know that all she wants to do is eat them!!!  Can you blame her?? Baby feet...nom, nom, nom!!!


I smile because of my boy and his new found love of colouring!!  Though throwing his crayons down into the basement seems to be more enjoyable then colouring, he still seems to like it - especially when Daddy colours with him!

I seriously had to smile because of my oldest two gals, as I asked to take a picture of them....and well...got the varied results you see here;

I smile because of my eldest.  Her sweet, innocent, joy filled approach to life is something we could all take lessons from!  And though she is certainly maturing and yes, there was not all smiles today between her and I (attitude already?!?!) she's a precious gem and I am learning more from her then I think she will ever learn from me!


And I smile because of my second little lady.  For her ability to strike a pose as soon as she sees the camera!  For her servant heart, pray-warrior attitude and love of hugs!!  She makes me smile because she loves to chatter so....but that chatter can often tire me out.....but...I know that she comes by it honestly...so what can you do?! Hahahah!


And like I said, today there were many things that made me smile!  No, not hubby being sick - we came home from the party and he went straight to bed...in fact he's still sleeping as I type this...and supper has long since been over and the kids in bed for over an hour...poor man!!  But over all is was a smile filled day - some reasons to smile today were captured by the camera...and others...they were just captured in my heart! ♥

Tomorrow - Day 19 - LETTERS


Oct 17, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 17 - Fruit


I don't care much for these....but they do make for a lovely photo or two!

Tomorrow - Day 18 - MADE YOU SMILE TODAY


Oct 16, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 16 - Something You Wrote

Okay, so wow.  Today's challenge...was challenging....!

I don't know if it was because I don't write a whole lot....well not outside of on the computer...and yes, I totally considered taking a picture of my blog post and posting that as something I wrote...but instead I decided to take on the recipe I was writing out for a friend.

But the problem was, I don't like to write out recipes...in fact I hate it...greatly!  But I did, write it out and I did, settle on that as the subject for my picture.  But...maybe because of my strong distain for recipe writing, the picture was a struggle!!

I just couldn't get inspired...even a hundred plus photos later...I was still not getting the shot.

So in frustration, I reached for one of the cookies from the shoot, took a big ol' bite, set it down and there!  There was my shot!


So decent enough, I think so...even for a recipe! ;)  And the cookies are delicious...sorry to post only part of a recipe...and I would type it out for you here...but you know...I hate writing them out! HA!

Tomorrow - Day 17 - FRUIT



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