Oct 24, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 24 - Dinnertime

Our baby gal turned five months old the other day and I have both wanted and not wanted to introduce food to her.  But for the past month, she has been eyeing up our meals, taking swipes at our forks, cups and plates and she watches us intently, mimicking our munching, while we are eating.  So when I saw the prompt for today...I figured, what better day to start her on some food of her own.

So did she like it??


 You bet she did!!!

Oh she was more than eager! Dave was having a hard time keeping up with her and she barely let her eyes wander from the spoon! 


She happily scarfed down the little bowl of rice cereal that we had prepared for her.  And when daddy just wasn't fast enough, Alice figured she'd lend him a hand!


I can't believe this little gal is already five months!! She's growing up waaay faster then I could have imagined!!  And I think, having the three older siblings around, she's progressing faster then my other kiddos ever did!  I can see that she wants to go, to chase after them and get involved with whatever it is they are up to!  It's just unbelievable and these precious baby moments, *sigh* fly by too quickly!!


And so that was the highlight of our dinnertime tonight - Alice's first food! Crazy!!  And thank you all for your concerns!  Dave and Joseph are doing much better!!  I think we'll take the next couple of days for some R and R (as we might have been out all day today...in public...shopping, shhhh! Don't tell!! *wink* heheheeh) and I think, after some much deserved down time, we will all be well by Monday...I pray!

Tomorrow - Day 25 - SHADOW


Oct 23, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 23 - The View From Here

Today's prompt...well, it's a lot of the reason why we moved here...the views from here, God glorifying, amazingly, breathtaking!!  Not every view every day....but a lot of the time...and if you've been reading my blog at all for the last two and a half years, you've seen many of those views!

But one I haven't really shown you very often, is today's choice photo.

That is the view from my kitchen window.  It's what I gaze upon as I do the dishes and prepare our meals.  I love it!! We actually, shortly after moving in, rearranged the kitchen cupboards so that the sink could sit smack-dab in front of this window.

I haven't often photographed this shot because...well, the window here is actually cracked.... and usually pretty dirty...but hubby was kind enough to open it for me (because I can't quite reach it!) so I could capture this view on 'film'.
And as I was going through my photos I found a few more gems to show you...just a few pictures of some views I captured recently, ones I don't always or often share from their respective angles.
Like our front door.  One early morning, as we were loading the kids in the van to take them to school, I looked back and saw the sun lighting up the front of the house.  I love coming home to this place and though we haven't put much work into the outside, I find our little porch welcoming and inviting.


And here, the next shot....well, you've seen this view featured here.. a LOT!!  It's of the valley behind the house.  Usually I go outside and snap my pictures from the side of the house.  But it's the view, directly behind the house, that can only be seen through two windows, one of which I positioned (selfish me!) my drafting table in front of, that I love so dearly!  (the second window is in the bathroom - see yesterday's post for that window...though you can't see out it in that shot...but from the...uh throne....it's an amazing view!!!!)

I love this valley view.  I love to sit here and just marvel at the beauty that is out there....marvel at God's amazing artistry...as I try to muster up my own creative juices!

And finally, a sunset.  Because I haven't shown you nearly enough of these, now have I?!?! ;) hahah!! They never cease to amaze me!!  I want to paint one but I can't settle on which picture to use....and if I wanted to paint from life...well I'd just end up sitter there watching it unfold in front of me...and never put paint to canvas! hahah!


And so...those are some of the views from here...some of my favourites, that's for sure!! I find that the camera doesn't quite capture God's handy work...but I try!!  I feel immensely blessed to be able to enjoy these sights...but I must remember, this earth is temporary...and heaven...well, the views from there....wow!

Tomorrow - Day 24 - DINNERTIME


Oct 22, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 22 - A Favourite Place


Yes, I'm one of those people...one of those bath people!

I hear that a lot - "Oh, I'm not a bath person!"  but phooey I say - if you are not a bath person, it's because you are doing it all wrong!  You see, a bath is not about getting clean...so no, I'm not soaking in my own filth (I hear that a lot too!)  Showers are for getting clean.  But for me, the bath is an escape.  A place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.....and to warm up on those crazy cold days...!

I love my bathtub!! Seriously - it's crazy deep and super long!! And we got it for a steal!!!  I'm not a whirlpool jet person and I'm not a spa person.  I'm just a lady who loves the tub!

Yes, taking a bath, dear friends, (and here you either are with me or against me) is a full on event!  It's solitude time, bubbles time, grab a drink, a snack (preferable of the chocolate variety), a real good book and sink on in, time.   Sink on in, beneath the warmth, letting the waters flow around you, envelope you and ...and letting the bubbles...hide you! *wink!* hahah!! 

Grab your good read, sip you drink, close out the world and disappear into tub land....for a good long while!  And don't resurface until you are a wrinkled prune!

And well...if you see all of that as just plain silly, then that's fine with me - keep your showers but I'll be soaking away the coming long winter nights....and I won't be saving you any chocolate!

Tomorrow - Day 23 - THE VIEW FROM HERE


Oct 21, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 21 - Calm

Ironically (and no, I don't believe in irony...unless you are referring to God's sense of humour on occasion!)  today's word prompt was very timely. 

Today was one of those super fall feeling days.  The howling wind, rains pouring down, the sky grey and dreary and I hunkered down indoors, warm and sung.  Well...not before having to go out this morning for the ladies bible study that I am apart of.  Okay, so how does calm fit so timely?

Well, in the last couple of days, my husband was super sick, then the breaks went on our van, our neighbour came to pump up the slow leaking tire on our car so we could drive the girls to school Monday, (hubby's compressor is lent out at the moment), I took the girls to school, came home then followed hubby while he drove the somewhat able to break van to the mechanics, but there wasn't enough time to make it there and get to my husband's (last minute) doctor appointment, so we dropped it (the van) off at the kid's school until we could come back, took hub to the Dr., got a prescription for his Strep A condition, spent a half hour in Wal-Mart to fill the script, (never a good idea to meander in that place....never!), got the van, dropped it off, came home, ate lunch, went back to pick up the girls.  Then last night, the baby and Joe were up various times for various reasons, then Joe woke up today, not himself...we clued in on that when our usually up at 5:00/5:30am little man was still in bed at 7:00!  Then he didn't eat much today, he ended up with a fever of 100 degrees, he took a nap and I think the fever broke! He's been resting and lethargic all afternoon!  During nap time, Hubby decided to fix a hole in the living room ceiling (oh there's a good story on that, I'll fill you in another day!) and so the living room is all torn apart and basically the house is in shambles! ....and so it's homemade pita pizzas and a movie tonight - because it's also a pseudo Friday here as the girls are off school for the next five days!

So today's word was calm.  My picture for today (the first one above) was taken this afternoon - between bible study and picking the girls up from school.  I think it reflects calm nicely, but I also think it is a reflection of my heart these last few days.  The 'storm' is raging around us, oh, nothing major, these things happen and over all things are well (the van is fixed and the men folk will be okay) but it's still 'blustery' out.  But my heart is calm.  It's a warm cup of tea, soft candle light, sweet smells, and a delicious bite of pumpkin cookie (okay, not literally! lol!) while the winds howl around us.

But this calmness is not of my own.  No, it's from the comforting words of my husband, the wise counsel of friends (who have taught us the importance of an emergency fund for just such an occasion), from truths hidden in my heart, and more then anything, the calm in the storms of life, come from our Lord!

Even though I wonder at why He allows these things to come, that often it feels like, when it rains it pours, I know that He is in control!  My God loves us and cares for us and I know I can rest in that.  That is what calm truly looks like!

Tomorrow - Day 22 - A FAVOURITE PLACE


Oct 20, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 20 - 4 O'Clock

Ah 4'Oclock, that busy, chatty, organized chaosy, supper readying, family filled time of day!!  I really wanted to take a shot of the going ons in our house at this hour...but in the end I snapped a shot of the clock...the only thing that stands still, even if it's only for a minute, during that hour!

I had to laugh, as Bevy posted a similar image and post!  Her feelings differ slightly then mine but I imagine our households feel very much the same during this time of day.  Though most days, my hubby would be coming in the door with the older two gals - now, since he is on parental leave, either one of us is coming in or all of us - as he and I will often go pick the girls up from school together these days.

Wow - day 20 today people!! Only eleven days left!!  Hang in there, the time will fly by!

Tomorrow - Day 21 - CALM



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