Feb 26, 2010

Coffee Shop

I love a coffee shop!

I must say that being a mom with two young kids and no access to a car, I miss going to coffee shops.  In my younger days ('cause I'm so old *wink*) I ed to spend many an hour at a local java joint.  For those of you who remember the old TV show "Cheers", that was what it was like for me.  You know the people who worked there, they knew you - well by drink anyways- you saw familiar faces, enjoyed the company of friends and all your worries were either resolved or melted away when you were there.

Now when I am blessed with the opportunity to escape to a coffee shop I saviour it.  I enjoy the conversations, the fellowship, the beverages and all the people.  You see I am a people watcher.  I love to take them in, study them, try to learn something about them - even if I'm only seeing them for a brief moment in the line for their next caffeine fix.  I especially love to sketch them.

Yes for those of you who do not know I am an 'artist'.  Well take the term as you may but yes when at a coffee shop my hands get itching to start sketching.  So between good friends, great drinks, wondrous smells and interesting people I get lost.  It's a nice escape.

I found this 'quote' on a bag that contained a left-over goody that I had brought home the other night when I was at a coffee place.  I think it describes my thoughts nicely:      
                       Flavours my senses
                       Sweetens my disposition
                       Stirs my imagination
                       Nourishes my dreams.

So maybe I have an extreme addition to all that is caffeinated or maybe the smell of coffee brewing just invokes in me a sense of peace, whatever it may be - I love a coffee shop!

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