Feb 10, 2010

A laptop, pudding and whipped topping.

In case you don't think God is in the small stuff, here is my experience.

So for the past week I have been fighting with my new laptop and trying to get it to connect to the Internet.  After 4 routers and about 6 hours of tech support, (not great tech support obviously...) we discovered that the wireless card in the laptop was not good and therefore I could not connect 'wirelessly' to the Internet.

So I was slightly frazzled and well in need of some love, God love that is and He knew it before I did.

So take yesterday.  I went online (on our desktop) and found a sale on a better suited-to-me laptop. Yippee!  So after my lovely hubby got home I went to the store, returned the 'bad' laptop and bought my new one, and with great anticipation I brought it home.

Now half expecting it not to work, I held my breath and Taadaah!  Connection! Double Yippee!!!!  (Bad me, not trusting God....oh bad, but that's a whole other subject eh!?)  So I was overjoyed, not just because I have a laptop that can connect to the Internet but it enables me to work on this blog and the magazine easier too.  So that made a good night even better.

Now if you've been reading lately you know that illness is in the house.  With head colds I get hungry.  Upon talking on the phone with my sister in law we came to the conclusion that chocolate pudding would fill my need.  But alas, my house is not one that comes readily supplied with pudding, let alone chocolate at that.  Tauntingly my sister in law informs me that there is an abundance of pudding where she is and ohh so chocolatey too!

Ah, I say with a momentary glint of enlightenment - did hubby not buy pudding a few weeks ago....had we eaten it yet?  To the cupboard. AHAHAHHAHA CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tee hee.   Oh yes sister in law you are not alone in enjoying pudding tonight. 

Oh but the yummy picture on the box shows the pudding with whipped topping on it....Oh YUM!  I say to sister in law how yummy that would be and once again with loving taunt, "Oh we have whipped topping here, that is too bad for you." (They don't live close enough to steal it from them....)  Ah, alas, again!  We almost really virtually NEVER have whipped topping.....and when we do it always goes bad before long. 

But in desperation I go to the fridge. *Blessed glow of fridge shows me WHIPPED TOPPING!*  AHAHAHAH!   And STILL GOOD TOO!

NO WAY - sister in law
OH YES! - me

Well needless to say I had an enjoyable and yes simple evening, working on my laptop and eating pudding with whipped topping!

Now I know, many of you may brush that off as just a lovely story.  Or you may think that with all that is going on in our world or in our daily lives that God would not waste His time blessing me with wireless connection, pudding and whipped topping - but He DID!

We can give those we love the shirt off our back, if need be, but we can also give them a smile when they don't expect it. 

 God knew I needed a smile. :)

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