Feb 19, 2010


In doing things, you get noticed.

Not always a good thing mind you!  Think of celebrities.  They do ANYTHING and they get noticed.  Donate to a charity, noticed.  Help the homeless, noticed.  Pick their noses, noticed.  Go grocery shopping in jogging pants, front page of the tabloids noticed.

Attention is both good and bad.

I find that when I am doing thins for God that I get 'noticed' and no not by God.  For God always notices me whether I am helpful or helpless.

 And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;   -2 Corinthians 9:8

What I am referring to is being noticed by the powers of darkness.  I find that when I push forward towards God, reading more, praying more, listening more, trying more, growing more, that something will tend to push back.   Now I understand that God tries our hearts, test us for the purpose of good and other such tools to strengthen us, but in this reference it is not so.  I know this because I get frustrated, angry, discouraged, melancholy, and down right miserable.  These are not the traits of God!

It is in these times that one must look more to God then ever.  We must acknowledge where the noticing is coming from and respond appropriately.  When it is evil noticing the good that God is doing in your life (for all good is from God - James 1:17)  then we need to react accordingly.  Praying, reading, studying, listening, growing, worshiping.  It's when you feel the darkest that you need the light the most.

So as I struggle to work through the soon (as in about a week away) launch of our online magazine (www.homemakerdesign.ca) and I am faced with countless, yes that's right-countless challenges I will try to find the light more.  Heck I'll even sleep with a night light just to get my perspective straight.

But seriously, don't let set backs and 'bad publicity' stop you from doing the works of God.  Don't let it hold you back from your relationship with Him and from delving deeper into it.  We have an enemy and he wants us to be afraid, he is our paparazzi and he will be there when we least expect it and when we least want him to be.

But we can say "Yes I know you are there, but I will not stop living.  I will live for God and I will honour God no matter what you do -even if that means you catch me at the store in my pajamas."


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