Feb 7, 2010

Sick, sick, real ick! :P

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Ah the cold and flu.  How it has entered my home and taken hold and for some reason won't let go!  Being sick is tiring, especially when your husband and two little ones are also sick.

OH how I would have loved to spend the last few days snug in bed, drifting in and out of wakefulness and sipping liquids to replenish those that are oozing from my nasal cavities.  But alas the family needed me...and truly, I needed them.

Though feeling 'not-so-great', my two year old brought a smile to my face with her beautiful, sensitive and loving nature.  Tonight, as she was climbing the stairs to bed she says to me, "Good night mommy, you feel better."  Ahhhh. *bliss*

I feel bad for my girls when they are sick (well I feel bad for my husband too...but he whines more)  Poor little ones, they don't know what's wrong. They just know that they don't feel well, and they don't know why I'm not making it all better.  Actually to them I am making it much worse with the constant nose wiping. They just don't know that this takes time, it takes time for the bug to run it's course, and that soon enough they will be right as rain.

 But I wonder, is this how God feels?

I mean, when we are 'suffering' and look to Him with our big puppy eyes, blinking lovingly and asking "Why don't you make it all better, why is it not better now...and why do you keep wiping my nose?"  (Okay not literally with the nose wiping, but you get what I mean, right!?)

God looks at us, He loves us and really He wants what is best for us.  Though we may not see it we need to trust Him.  Trust in His timing even if we feel icky waiting for the solution.  Just as my girls look to me to make it all better, I look to God.  And just as they want to snuggle into my lap for comfort while they wait out their colds, I too want to snuggle into the lap of God.

The nice thing is that even though I cannot control the sicknesses my daughters face, God has the ultimate control.  He knows the who, what, where, when and why.  So even though I could not hide away, sung in my bed, I at least could bring God's healing to my girls and pass along the ultimate comforter's comfort to them...and my hubby too!

Blessings and health to you all.


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