Feb 23, 2010

Snow Day

Well what a white wintry world I woke up to today!   Gotta love Ontario winters, one moment you think Spring is just around the corner - the next we are shoveling our cars out from under a pile of snow.

I took my 2 year old, Olivia,  out to play in the snow.  She enjoyed it greatly.  There's nothing like playing in the snow to make you feel like a kid again.  (For those of you who do not get to experience this blessing - you will have to let me know what you do to stay young.)

We made snowmen - as you can see in the picture - apparently it's a Daddy one and a Catherine one (Olivia's baby sister).  She loves them! (The snowmen, but yes she loves her Daddy and sister too.)  When we finally came inside, Olivia turned to the snowmen, "Bye snowmen, bye."
Well we were out I noticed that the neighbourhood seemed alive.  People were everywhere, shoveling, out walking, saying hello to each other and even a young gentleman stopped and offered to take a picture for me of myself with Olivia and our snowman.

It's funny how weather units us as a people.  It's always a 'safe' topic of  conversation.  A filler of those dreaded awkward silences.  A  common joy and a common sorrow.  Where ever you go or who ever you meet you can always talk about the weather.

Well it was the weather today, the world covered in it's blanket of fresh white snow, that gave me the excuse and opportunity to go out and be a kid today.  I guess I will never get tired of a snow day!


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