Feb 1, 2010


So sometimes I get a real kick out of God's sense of humour.  Take this day I had a little while back....

 I awoke early as in before my two little ones had awaken for the day.  "Ah," I thought to myself, "what a great time to get in a devotional.  Let's start the day off right!"
   So I grab my bible and note book and enjoy a wonderful and fulfilling time with God.  The children wake up and I feel ready.
   My two year old calls from her room, "Mommmyyyy!?!"  I quickly get dressed and then realize that it has been much, much too quiet in her room during that short time.  I go in. 
  (Warning the rest of this post contains some ummm content in reference to things that well you might not want to be eating right now.)
   "Mommy, I pooped!"  Oh yes, yes she did and no it was no longer in the diaper....umm...  So some time later I have her cleaned up, her bed striped and ready to go in the wash....but later the baby wants up now.
  Get the baby, change the baby, grab the toddler, head downstairs.
   As being a mother of two little ones so close in age, showering is not always - or never, an option in the mornings for me.  So as a usual resort I wash my hair in the sink as the girls play.  I go to get the hair dryer and find my cat trying to bring up a hairball on my carpeted stairs.
  Now understand this, we live in an old turn of the century home and there is no carpet other then the area rug in the living room and yes these back stairs that the cat was choosing to remain perched on while she worked on her hairball.
  So me, in my oh so smart early morning brightness start to shoo her off.  This upsets the cat and as she is running down the stairs she completes her task. 
  So now instead of the mess being contained, (though still unappreciated) on one stair, it is running down multiple stairs and across the floor of my back room. Ummm....
  Some time later, the mess is cleaned.  Ah breakfast, the children are hungry....me on the other hand....I'll have a coffee for now I think.
  Get the children breakfast. (which is no small task but I'll leave that for another day)  Kids are situated, oh yes the laundry.  I go get the laundry.  Laundry in, time for my breakfast.
  Breakfast is over and the baby needs her nap.  Phew, you stink baby, time to change the baby.  I take her upstairs and as I'm changing her I realize that the diapers are against me today as her diaper has not contained her mess either.  Some time later, baby is changed, new sleeper on and well more laundry to do....later!
 So back down stairs, I wash my hands again for the who knows how many times now and realize that they are dry.  So I head to my trusty bottle of cream, press down on the pump and SPLAT, it squirts across the kitchen floor. UMMMM!

 Okay well you'd think at this point I might have given up.  But you know instead I turned to God and said, "Okay, I tried to start this day off right and how appropriate that nothing has gone right since.  But You are good and I know You know all.  Though this is not at all how I pictured this day turning out You've got it in control. "

The thing that struck me most after all of this, was that I wasn't upset or angry or even frustrated.  What I thought was going to be a perfect day because I had "started it off right" turned out to be a perfect day because I had started it with God and He guided me through the rest.  Regardless if I do a devotional early in the morning or not, it is by God's grace that any of us make it through any day.

With all that went on, I saw in these events God saying to me.  Rely on me, trust Me, rest in Me.  I smiled at those words....and then went to do more laundry.

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