Feb 14, 2010

Winter days.

Ah the ever changing weather in February, how it can play on our emotions.  One moment the sun is shinning and you think you can smell spring in the air...or possibly venture out with out a coat....(you know who you are) the next moment flurries are flying and the sky is gray.  You reach for a snugly blanket and disappear - like the groundhog back into it's hole.

Well fear not spring will come, the snow will melt and yes, you can go without a coat and people will not scoff you.  Until then take each day as it comes.  Enjoy this time indoors  use this time to expand yourself in some way and not in a Canadian winter expanding kind of way...

Take some time, reflect, discover, unwind, rewind (but not too far), plan ahead, take it slow, whatever you do enjoy the excuse to stay in.  February may seem a bland and dull month to many but it can also be one for growth and development.

Take that chance you've been wanting to take, read that book you've been meaning to read, make that call or send that letter that you've been meaning to do and send.  However you choose to spend these flip-flop days I wish you blessings in all you accomplish.  And if you are one of those people who is always busy then take some time to not be busy and blessings to you in all you don't accomplish.


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