Feb 28, 2010

Worship Time

Last night we had some friends over.  It was a great time, all the kids played with each other and we enjoyed delicious pizza and brownies.  As the night wore on, the children were either in bed or quieted down as we all settled into the living room

And thus began the impromptu worship time.

My husband is a talented guitarist and our friends - he is an excellent drummer and his wife is a most amazing singer!  So I settled on the couch with their lovely daughter and the two of us enjoyed this spontaneous concert.

Amid the steady rhythm of Matt's drum, the sweet sounds of my husbands guitar and the beautiful melodies of Chrissy's voice I could have drifted away.  I have had the pleasure of hearing the three of them play together before and it is has always been something wonderful to experience!  When they are using  the musical gifts that God has bestowed on them to worship Him, it is delightful.  They are all so serene and how they all work together to create this musical moment is something to behold.  They do not practice before hand, they are quiet, few words are spoken and they do not communicate in anyway I can see.  But some how they are always in time, rhythm and sync.

When we worship God from our hearts, it is a most amazing and life giving experience.  Though tired, as the night was late and the day busy, I was refreshed and blessed to be there listening to a God inspired worship time.


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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it honey :) Isn't it wonderful that we are all able to freely worship our Lord?


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