Mar 20, 2010

Fresh Flowers

There is nothing like having fresh flowers in your house.  The invigorating smell, fresh, rejuvenating, alive; it makes me smile from the inside out!   I love the smell, but the look of a flower is just lovely too - to see God's amazing artistic skills in person and up close is such a blessing!  One of my favourite versus says; "And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these"  Matthew 6:29 ( This is in reference to lilies)

Wow, such beautiful imagery!  I love it!!! Truly!!  Think about it.  Solomon a great king, powerful, mighty, rich -  yet he could never compare in all his glory to that of a lily.  A simple flower.

I have taken the opportunity, on occasion to look closely at flowers.  If you haven't, I recommend that you do so!  Check them out, and take your time doing it, look at them from every angle, close your eyes and breath in the aroma and take a moment to enjoy this masterpiece.

Thankfully I am blessed with a husband who buys me flowers, and quite regularly, so I have this opportunity often.  As I am typing this I can see a bouquet of dainty purple flowers on my coffee table, a set of orange Gerber type daises by the tv and a beautiful spring mixed planter on my dining table.  Now he may be good, but these are not all from my husband.  The reason we have so many at the moment is because my little baby girl just turned one and seeing as her birthday was the first day of spring, the house is adorned in flowers.  But oh, does it ever smell lovely in here!

I guess what I am getting at is that fresh flowers in the house are quite a treasure.  Be it from the store, your own garden or some wild flowers picked on a walk any fresh flowers in your home to brighten your day are a good idea.  Is there any better art or any better home decor then that which God created to outshine the finest of kings?

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  1. Flowers are so beautiful. I love fresh flowers but rarely receive them. What a blessing that you recieve them often and that you appreciate them. It's almost always the case that someone gets them and doesn't care or doesn't get them and wants them.


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