Mar 2, 2010

HMD Magazine

 Homemaker Design, the web-zine, launched yesterday.  It went fairly smoothly and after a quick link fix today I think all things are in order.  I thank all of you who are checking it out and I hope many of you will become loyal readers!  Our goal is stated on our About page, but really the magazine (and even this blog with all my ramblings) is here to encourage, enlighten and entertain women around the world. 

So Congratulations to my team - WAY TO GO!  Now get to work on next months issue! ;)  

But most importantly thanks and glory be to God - with out His guidance and direction none of this would be possible.

So enjoy this months addition of Homemaker Design - savour it's articles and features, enjoy them when you are able, relaxed and especially with a cup of coffee (there goes my caffeine addiction again.)  Keep coming back to the blog for tasty and some times useful tidbits, the occasional bout of wisdom and hopefully a laugh or two.

Thanks again to my team and to you - the readers!

God Bless you.

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