Mar 16, 2010


Okay, so some of you may have noticed ( and even some of you have been kind enough to point out) that I have some spelling..."issues".  Yes, it's true, I Kaitlin am a poor speller!

Now I mean well in what I do, it is just that this has always been a weakness for me.  I thought I could hide behind a spell checker, but   So why write a blog or run a magazine, both major written language outlets, you ask?  Well it is because God has lead me to do this.  (At least I have faith in that or why else subject myself to such work)

Writing and, now as you can obviously see, spelling/grammar are not strengths of mine!  I do have a few good people who will help me out, but still that is not their full time job.....and well, some days it would be! ;)   I do apologizes for my errors and hope that you can understand.  I mean you might even be laughing now, because who knows how many mistakes I have made in this post alone......don't worry, the irony would not be lost on me!

So there you have it, a truth and a confession.  After all I am only human and I'd much rather talk in person anyways.  I know, let's get together for coffee! :)

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