Apr 30, 2010

Here comes May

I just finished putting the final touches on the May issue of Home Maker Design.  Wow, I can't believe I got in done in time.  I've been so busy and when I'm not busy I'm not well - so I was way behind this month!  But thank the Lord, He has provided and now you all have a wonderful issue to enjoy!!!

I hope you are inspired, blessed and encouraged by the magazine.  There is a lot of prayer, thought and effort that goes into each issue and God won't let me stop! ;) 

May you all have a lovely day and weekend as for me, today is my wonderful husbands birthday....he's younger then me, how dare he! ;) Okay it's only by three months but still....  We're going out to dinner - a nice family restaurant - and then home for home made cheese cake - vanilla mousse cheese cake at that! Yum!

May God bless you all this weekend and happy reading!


  1. Would that be vanilla mouse or vanilla mousse? ;)

  2. Fixed, thanks, and really it was all about the taste, which was Deeelicious!!


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