Apr 8, 2010

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Hello Reading audience! 

Well I have been writing for some time now, but I hear little from all of you.  Now there are three possibilities here:

1.  You, my readers, are not the type to post comments and therefore I should stop expecting them.
2.  I have fewer readers then I anticipate and most of what I write is a bunch of ramblings and not worth commenting on anyways! ;)
3. Maybe the hoards of you who are reading, really want to leave a comment but just don't know how.

So in all optimism I will inform you .To leave a comment you just need to click on the word comment that is found at the bottom of each post.  Enter the info and your comment and submit. Done and done! 

Hopefully that clears up any confusion.  I do look forward to hearing more from you readers out there!  And if nothing changes then I may have to just start writing better, comment worthy material!

Blessings and Love!


  1. Oh Eveline, another great site to add to your list is, Christian Answers http://www.christiananswers.net/

    It is full of great info and I like the movie review section! Check it out everyone! Blessings.

  2. Katlin, you have a real cheerleader in Yvonne. She too informed me and I enjoyed looking at your website. I am a lady in my 60's, but a huge cheerleader for all you young courageous mom's out there who are seeking to buck the culture of today to raise up a new generation of godly men and women. I'm forwarding your website to my daughter-in-law, a kindred spirit. Blessings, Carol

  3. Thanks Carol! :) We are always in need of cheerleaders! I hope your daughter-in-law will enjoy the magazine too! Blessings to you as well!

  4. Just discovering you and will try and connect on FB...Blessings


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