Apr 26, 2010

Miss Popularity

Since having my first child, I think I can count on my two hands the number of times I have been able to use the washroom without an audience!  This includes, toilet usage, shower time, bath time, just going in to brush my hair or clean my ears.  It was bad with one, now it is worse with two kids and lately my husband has taking to starting conversations with me while I'm so occupied.  This, for the most part, drove me crazy!  I mean can't I - even in the washroom, advocate at least a few moments of solitude?

But I have come to a realization.


This is not really a bad thing - it is a love thing.  Okay, so a needy love thing but a love thing none the less.  The thing about it is that I'm apparently Miss Popularity.  My family needs my attention no matter what! It's quite flattering actually.  So what I used to view as a nuisance, I now see as a sign of love from my family.  Yes, it can still be annoying but I know with popularity comes sacrifice! ;)

So I will take this love and all it's admiration - even if it's in the washroom.


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