May 30, 2010

Late night Baby time

Aw I love it when the little ones get up in the night - okay not middle of the night, night - but when you're still up and they've been in bed for a while and awake.  They are so snugly and giggly - at least my girls are.  The littlest one just got up for a late night hang out with mom and dad.  A bit of play, tickles, silliness and snuggles and then back to bed.  I like these 'stolen' moments - time we don't have on a regular basis and a time that goes by so quickly...

May 28, 2010


Okay so no park - the baby was cranky and went to bed and my toddler "Wants to watch a movie!"  So I will continue to wipe noses, let one sleep, the other rest and try to be more productive... 

From super hot and muggy to clouded over and gloomy - neither weather inspires much for me - ah at least my house is clean and muffins are made...


So today I made muffins - looks like muffin Wednesday was moved to Friday - only because it was waaayy to hot to bake on Wednesday!

I made my usual muffin recipe but I decided to substitute the 1/2 cup sugar for 1/4 cup honey and a 1/4 cup jam.  It worked nicely!  I cut up some strawberries to add to it all.  They turned out rather moist with a slight chewiness to them and a bit pink!  Ah well, the road of baking experiments continues...

Okay so it's Friday - everyone in my house (except me) has a cold, hubby has been home most of the week sick and the kids are endless fountains of ..... well you understand!  But we are in good spirits and I think I will take these little ones to the park before it rains.

Oh and my studio tour is in three weeks...AHHH!    Life continues on.....

May 26, 2010

Keeping Cool

Golly - it is hot!  slooow moving I think is the way to go....  Our old house has no air conditioning?  How about you? 

We are keeping the kids cool with cold baths before bed and light weight summer jammies to sleep in.  My husband is off right now stealing a fan from my mom - okay she is giving it to us but it just sounded more exciting that way. (haha)  Once he returns with said fan we will have one for each of our bedrooms! Yippee!! :)  

Though crazy as it sounds I'm still pursuing the gym in this heat!  But don't worry I balance it with a little Christmas shopping! HA! ;)

Keep cool everyone!

May 24, 2010

Long Weekend

Wow!  What a beautiful Victoria Day weekend.  So nice to have a  long weekend to enjoy!!!  And I like to think we took advantage of it - advantage in that we spent some good ol' quality family time together!

Saturday was our yard sale.  This day had the worst of the weather; we awoke to rain.  But we didn't let that get us down we decided to hold our sale indoors and later, when the sun came out, we moved it outside - and then when it rained again...we called it quits!  But we did well, purged some items we no longer needed and enjoyed oodles of coffee and people.  (I like meeting people, I miss my job at Curves for just that reason!) 

Sunday we didn't do a whole lot, got some groceries and then went to my mom's for supper and a swim in her pool  She just bought her new home a few months ago and we finally got to test out the water.  It was my littlest one's  first swim - it took some time, but she loved it!  Oh how they grow, I can't believe my baby is 14 months already and gaining such personality.  The two of them are so fun to watch together.

 Today was so absolutelygorgeous!  I made a 'sweet' little breakfast for the family, sponge cake with lite whipped topping, strawberries and blueberries, YUM!  After which Dave mowed the lawn and I had a lovely notion to go for a picnic.  I made up the lunch and we hit the road - well with one pit stop to return the sandals we had purchased the other day for our oldest daughter Olivia - she's a size 6 now...when did that happen....okay so new sandals on feet and off we went.

This is the sweet little breakfast I made for us all - this is my husbands serving and yes I made the whipped topping into the shape of a heart! ;) I love to show him how much I love him in little ways all the time!

 We prayed that God would help us find a nice place to enjoy our picnic. We didn't want to hit any of the usual local spots. No national parks or any public places, just a nice spot in the country side where we could be together as a family and enjoy the beauty of God's handy work - nature!

So we drove for a while and found this stunning little oasis along a dirt road.  Fields with old wooden fences, lush green trees providing ample shade, lazy clouds over-head and dragon flies dancing about - it was exquisite!  So we ate our modest lunch, enjoying the nature around us and the company of each other.  It was so nice to just sit and listen to the wind in the trees and watch the dragonflies and butterflies fly merrily about.

It was a nice break and a wonderful way to end our long weekend.  Both Dave and I would like to return to the country as he and I spent most of our childhoods there, but we will wait on the Lord and go where He leads...I just hope it's down a lovely dirt road where the wind blowing through the trees is music....

May 21, 2010


Oh God is SO good!  I think the theme of my life lately is seeing all He does in the LITTLE things!!!

Yes, it may seem trivial but He answered a prayer I hadn't even asked yet - the story is this:  I had to drop off a piece of art today on the other side of town, I was going to do this before going to the gym (asking my kind sister-in-law to transport me) but then I got a call this morning asking for my husband to do a home inspection.  So my timing was thrown off - I will walk to the gym, once Dave is home from work, do my work out and head home quickly before hubby has to leave for the inspection.  Meaning I won't catch up with the sister-in-law and therefore not get the piece dropped off as planned.  (Yes, I know I left it to the last minute - but that's not the point here ;)  )

Anyways as I was sitting here thinking, plotting and NOT ;) worrying - there is a knock at the door.  It was the lady I was to drop my art off to!  She said she was driving by and thought she'd stop in!  How great!  So now my art is in the hands of the person it should be, hubby can do his inspection and I won't worry about how to get everything done.

It's such a simple thing but it really showed me that my God cares!  It's like He wrapped His arms around me and gave me a great big hug - and I didn't even know I needed it until He did it!

...casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7

May 19, 2010

Muffin Wednesday

So it seems, that Wednesday has become my official muffin making day - it used to be Mondays, you know Muffin Mondays has a nice ring to it, real catchy - but we're too busy Mondays to make muffins. 

Anyways today's creation is; whole wheat with banana, chocolate chips, strawberry jam and prune puree.  Reason being, I like how banana in a muffin makes it real moist, the chocolate chips (and were only talking a few here) add that little bit of "goodness" that will make the kids eat them - no matter what is in them.  And about the prunes and jam, while my littlest one on occasion benefits from the pureed prunes and so I thought I would add it into the mix and a teaspoon of strawberry jam just to help mask the taste.  (Not everyone is a prune fan)

I've been doing this of late, making muffins and incorporating new ingredients.  I used to think baking was too exact to play in - and thus why I love to cook more then bake.  When I cook I just instinctively add and combine new flavours and ideas.  I love the freedom and exploration of cooking.  Lately though, (even if it is only with muffins) I am starting to experiment more and ...I like it.  So I find it interesting to loosen up a bit in the baking department and I really should thank the two Chrissy's in my life.  First Chrissy M for telling me about her efforts to bake more healthy for her family, she adds things like apple sauce and honey to sweeten her dishes instead of sugar - it got me to thinking about trying different approaches.  Secondly to my sister-in-law Chrissy, who got me a cookbook for my birthday, it's all about sneaking vegetables and fruit into your dishes.  I haven't exactly baked directly from it yet, but it has also given me inspiration, I can't wait to try the brownies with spinach - I'll let you all know how it goes when I do!

So I add new things, Experimental Muffin Wednesday might be a better title, it's no grand adventure but it's a start and anyways the kids seem to love them!    


May 17, 2010

Yard Sale

So we have decided to have a yard sale next weekend.  Being that we have some extra things around we no longer need and also the enormous amount of kids clothes that are taking over our home need to go!

My hubby was home today and we sorted through the clothes and toys.  Earlier in the day, as we sorted through the toys my daughter Olivia had to be involved.  All the toys she hasn't touched in months are now her "favourite" and she kept asking for them.

We tried to explain to her that these were for other kids; she didn't like it.  We said that she has lots of toys and it would be nice to let some other kids play with these toys; she didn't like that either.  So we settled on telling her that getting rid of old toys and letting someone else enjoy them is something Jesus would want.  That seemed to sit well. 3.3.2010 Olivia

But, later... "Daddy are those blankets for me?" pointing to a pile of folded recieving blankets for the sale.
"Oh, are they for Jesus?"

Ah kids, the things we try to teach and the things they actually hear.  Oh well if she thinks the yard sale is for Jesus, it can't be all that bad.  I think I'll send her to her granma's for the day....

May 15, 2010

Saturday Surprise

Well this is what I awoke to find on my front lawn this morning - I guess my husband won't have to cut the grass today! ;)

It's here to dig up and move our gas meter to the front of our house.  You see our house is finally getting a drive way!  How exciting!!!  When Dave and I purchased our house two and a half years ago it had no parking - though there was some concern by family and friends about what we would do and why we would purchase a home without parking - we just knew it was the house God wanted for us.

So making a long story short, God revealed to me one day a solution to our problem.  There is a small-ish alley way between our house and the neighbours and though most won't believe it, you can actually fit a car through there.  So our neighbours were gracious enough to grant us the right of way and the city approved it, we can now pull through - between the houses - and park at the rear of ours.  It is such a blessing!

So part of the condition was that we needed to move and or protect the two gas meters that are in the alley.  We are getting ours moved and putting a post infront of the neighbours to protect it.  So they are here, digging away - really nice work crew too.  And well, it gives the kids something to watch!

May 13, 2010

My New Lamp

I found this great lamp the other day at our local Goodwill store.  I think it is so neat, it's a pottery base.  I love finding interesting and unique things and second hand stores are a great and budget friendly place to look!  Now all I need is a shade....

Just thought I'd share it with you all! :)

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  Psalm 119:105

May 12, 2010

Lazy Day

Today is just that, a lazy day!  I decided to take today and make no plans, just relax and enjoy what ever the day brought me.  Usually on Wednesday my one sister-in-law will visit, but she had to work today.

So the kids and I were up, dressed and down stairs by 8:00.  I made them breakfast and then decided to make some muffins. Yum, whole wheat, banana, chocolate chip with walnuts, super yum! Pulled them from the oven and put the coffee on - then the phone rang.  Seems there was a schedule mix up and now my sister-in-law is here enjoying muffins and coffee with me. Don't they look yummy....

My oldest is bumming out in front of toddler shows, she has a cold coming and has been out of sorts as of late, so I thought a relaxed day with some tv might be nice.  My sister-in-law and I are chatting about this and that and on our second pot of coffee.  There was a knock at the door, it was a Jehovah witness.  We talked with her for a bit - it made me quite sad, she is so lost! :(
When we told her about the trinity, she didn't understand and when I told her that it made me sad, you could see something change in her.  Her eyes softened and you could just see she wanted to know more, I just wanted to hug her, bring her in and tell her the truth - and maybe give her some muffins and coffee..... but I'll just pray for her, for now, and see if God leads her back here....

So the sun has disappeared behind the clouds and I doubt it will be back today - so the lazy day continues.  Interesting though, lazy but not lack of entertainment.  So I've snuck in this blog post as my sister-in-law goes and gets the baby from her nap - it's nice having an extra pair of hands!

May 7, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Ah, a gorgeous day today!  My husband has the day off and it is such a beautiful one too!  He has it off because it is our 6th anniversary this Saturday!  We had originally planned to go away for a whole weekend but with recent home renovations running our account lower then we like, we have decided to go away for just the Saturday - but hubby still took today off! ;)  So family will be minding the little ones tomorrow and we shall escape to Ottawa for the day.

But today we took it easy.  Coffee and home made muffins for breakfast - together - which is one of the things I love most about the weekend.  A drive through the country (Yes, again!) to a little shop full of this, that and everything else.  Lunch at a small town pizza place - the food was great, and then home again.  Hubby is cutting the grass, the girls are 'napping' and I'm here, doing computer things.  Once nap time is over we are off to my husbands side of the family for a combined birthday supper.  (His one brother and him are just a few days apart)  Then home - fold some laundry, clean the bathrooms and tidy the kitchen - then bed!

We have some ideas about what we are going to do on Saturday, but mostly the fun of just getting away together will be the best part - regardless of what we do.  I think though, some shopping, scenery and possibly a museum are on the 'agenda'.  And then it is Sunday - Mother's day.  And seeing as we have three mother's to divide the day by (and no, that is not counting me) we shall be busy running the roads that day as well!

So another busy weekend - wow, they really make the time fly!  It's some-what hard to believe it has been 6 years since we married - crazy!  Wonderful, but some how hard to believe, I still think we are kids sometimes - you are only as old as you feel - but still, six years and two kids - how life can change from one minute to the next.  I am happy and God has blessed us greatly and it will be so nice to celebrate with my Dave tomorrow!

I pray you all have a blessed weekend, may you take the time to realize how fast life travels by - and appreciate all the time you are given.  Enjoy each moment to the fullest - or at least try!  Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there!

May 6, 2010

Cabbage; super yummy!

Have you seen that commercial where there is a husband, wife and their son eating supper.  The man is gobbling up his vegetables as the wife and son stare on.  Once he has eaten all the veggies he starts poking at the steak that is on his plate.  He pokes at it with he fork and pushes it around his plate - not seeming interested in it.  The wife says, "Honey eat you steak!"  It is a commercial for a company that makes frozen veggies, but I thought it was funny - even funnier when the same sort of thing happened at my house last night.

So I had made a enticing dinner of grilled steak, baked potato and roasted cabbage wedges.  The roasted cabbage is from a recipe in our March issue for Homemaker Design.  So it was all really delicious and we ate eagerly.  Though, as the meal continued on, I happen to notice that both my husband and I were devouring the cabbage and each leaving a large amount of steak untouched.  This is a rarity for both him and I - as we are avid steak lovers and usually not so much cabbage lovers.  Though I had made this roasted cabbage recipe before - this time both of us couldn't get over how yummy it really was!

So yes we did eat our steak, but only after all the cabbage had been gobbled up.... 

That recipe has turned former cabbage dislikers into now cabbage lovers!  I highly recommend you try it, this is the picture from the March issue and the link for the recipe is here. (These links no longer work as the magazine is not currently published online - contact me if you would like the recipe)

Or just go to this months issue, click on the About page and at the bottom you will find the archives.  It's so fast, simple and economical! Try it and let me know if you have to tell anyone in your house to, "eat you steak!"   Bon App├ętit!


May 4, 2010

Four hours and four CDs

Today I had the wonderful blessing of having four solid hours to work on my art!  Not only that but God, (He's so good you know!) got me my order from to come just before my sitter arrived.  My order consisted of four new Christian CDs.  It was great, four hours of creativity and four hours of worship!

I feel so blessed that I can combine my hobbies/pastime with worshiping God.  Not only do hobbies fulfill our desires to express our creative side but it is something so much more when we can allow God to shine through us in this area!  If you haven't opened up your spare time moments to God, then I highly recommend that you do.

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.  1 Corinthians 10:31

Mixing God in with these personal times, makes God...well, it makes Him that much more personal!  And we all know how personal He truly is and wants to be.  I so love to be creative - it burns in me to do something creative no matter how small - but I love it oh so much more when God is apart of it!

So I am praying that you all delve into your personal time and spend it with God.  Take the time to do the things you love, God blessed us with gifts and talents and there is no better way to say Thank You, then by doing what you love and enjoying it with Him!

So whether it be, scrap-booking, baking, dancing, singing, running, cooking, painting, or any other form of past time spending, please take the time to do it - for yourself and for God!



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