May 7, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Ah, a gorgeous day today!  My husband has the day off and it is such a beautiful one too!  He has it off because it is our 6th anniversary this Saturday!  We had originally planned to go away for a whole weekend but with recent home renovations running our account lower then we like, we have decided to go away for just the Saturday - but hubby still took today off! ;)  So family will be minding the little ones tomorrow and we shall escape to Ottawa for the day.

But today we took it easy.  Coffee and home made muffins for breakfast - together - which is one of the things I love most about the weekend.  A drive through the country (Yes, again!) to a little shop full of this, that and everything else.  Lunch at a small town pizza place - the food was great, and then home again.  Hubby is cutting the grass, the girls are 'napping' and I'm here, doing computer things.  Once nap time is over we are off to my husbands side of the family for a combined birthday supper.  (His one brother and him are just a few days apart)  Then home - fold some laundry, clean the bathrooms and tidy the kitchen - then bed!

We have some ideas about what we are going to do on Saturday, but mostly the fun of just getting away together will be the best part - regardless of what we do.  I think though, some shopping, scenery and possibly a museum are on the 'agenda'.  And then it is Sunday - Mother's day.  And seeing as we have three mother's to divide the day by (and no, that is not counting me) we shall be busy running the roads that day as well!

So another busy weekend - wow, they really make the time fly!  It's some-what hard to believe it has been 6 years since we married - crazy!  Wonderful, but some how hard to believe, I still think we are kids sometimes - you are only as old as you feel - but still, six years and two kids - how life can change from one minute to the next.  I am happy and God has blessed us greatly and it will be so nice to celebrate with my Dave tomorrow!

I pray you all have a blessed weekend, may you take the time to realize how fast life travels by - and appreciate all the time you are given.  Enjoy each moment to the fullest - or at least try!  Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there!

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