May 6, 2010

Cabbage; super yummy!

Have you seen that commercial where there is a husband, wife and their son eating supper.  The man is gobbling up his vegetables as the wife and son stare on.  Once he has eaten all the veggies he starts poking at the steak that is on his plate.  He pokes at it with he fork and pushes it around his plate - not seeming interested in it.  The wife says, "Honey eat you steak!"  It is a commercial for a company that makes frozen veggies, but I thought it was funny - even funnier when the same sort of thing happened at my house last night.

So I had made a enticing dinner of grilled steak, baked potato and roasted cabbage wedges.  The roasted cabbage is from a recipe in our March issue for Homemaker Design.  So it was all really delicious and we ate eagerly.  Though, as the meal continued on, I happen to notice that both my husband and I were devouring the cabbage and each leaving a large amount of steak untouched.  This is a rarity for both him and I - as we are avid steak lovers and usually not so much cabbage lovers.  Though I had made this roasted cabbage recipe before - this time both of us couldn't get over how yummy it really was!

So yes we did eat our steak, but only after all the cabbage had been gobbled up.... 

That recipe has turned former cabbage dislikers into now cabbage lovers!  I highly recommend you try it, this is the picture from the March issue and the link for the recipe is here. (These links no longer work as the magazine is not currently published online - contact me if you would like the recipe)

Or just go to this months issue, click on the About page and at the bottom you will find the archives.  It's so fast, simple and economical! Try it and let me know if you have to tell anyone in your house to, "eat you steak!"   Bon Appétit!


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