May 12, 2010

Lazy Day

Today is just that, a lazy day!  I decided to take today and make no plans, just relax and enjoy what ever the day brought me.  Usually on Wednesday my one sister-in-law will visit, but she had to work today.

So the kids and I were up, dressed and down stairs by 8:00.  I made them breakfast and then decided to make some muffins. Yum, whole wheat, banana, chocolate chip with walnuts, super yum! Pulled them from the oven and put the coffee on - then the phone rang.  Seems there was a schedule mix up and now my sister-in-law is here enjoying muffins and coffee with me. Don't they look yummy....

My oldest is bumming out in front of toddler shows, she has a cold coming and has been out of sorts as of late, so I thought a relaxed day with some tv might be nice.  My sister-in-law and I are chatting about this and that and on our second pot of coffee.  There was a knock at the door, it was a Jehovah witness.  We talked with her for a bit - it made me quite sad, she is so lost! :(
When we told her about the trinity, she didn't understand and when I told her that it made me sad, you could see something change in her.  Her eyes softened and you could just see she wanted to know more, I just wanted to hug her, bring her in and tell her the truth - and maybe give her some muffins and coffee..... but I'll just pray for her, for now, and see if God leads her back here....

So the sun has disappeared behind the clouds and I doubt it will be back today - so the lazy day continues.  Interesting though, lazy but not lack of entertainment.  So I've snuck in this blog post as my sister-in-law goes and gets the baby from her nap - it's nice having an extra pair of hands!

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