May 24, 2010

Long Weekend

Wow!  What a beautiful Victoria Day weekend.  So nice to have a  long weekend to enjoy!!!  And I like to think we took advantage of it - advantage in that we spent some good ol' quality family time together!

Saturday was our yard sale.  This day had the worst of the weather; we awoke to rain.  But we didn't let that get us down we decided to hold our sale indoors and later, when the sun came out, we moved it outside - and then when it rained again...we called it quits!  But we did well, purged some items we no longer needed and enjoyed oodles of coffee and people.  (I like meeting people, I miss my job at Curves for just that reason!) 

Sunday we didn't do a whole lot, got some groceries and then went to my mom's for supper and a swim in her pool  She just bought her new home a few months ago and we finally got to test out the water.  It was my littlest one's  first swim - it took some time, but she loved it!  Oh how they grow, I can't believe my baby is 14 months already and gaining such personality.  The two of them are so fun to watch together.

 Today was so absolutelygorgeous!  I made a 'sweet' little breakfast for the family, sponge cake with lite whipped topping, strawberries and blueberries, YUM!  After which Dave mowed the lawn and I had a lovely notion to go for a picnic.  I made up the lunch and we hit the road - well with one pit stop to return the sandals we had purchased the other day for our oldest daughter Olivia - she's a size 6 now...when did that happen....okay so new sandals on feet and off we went.

This is the sweet little breakfast I made for us all - this is my husbands serving and yes I made the whipped topping into the shape of a heart! ;) I love to show him how much I love him in little ways all the time!

 We prayed that God would help us find a nice place to enjoy our picnic. We didn't want to hit any of the usual local spots. No national parks or any public places, just a nice spot in the country side where we could be together as a family and enjoy the beauty of God's handy work - nature!

So we drove for a while and found this stunning little oasis along a dirt road.  Fields with old wooden fences, lush green trees providing ample shade, lazy clouds over-head and dragon flies dancing about - it was exquisite!  So we ate our modest lunch, enjoying the nature around us and the company of each other.  It was so nice to just sit and listen to the wind in the trees and watch the dragonflies and butterflies fly merrily about.

It was a nice break and a wonderful way to end our long weekend.  Both Dave and I would like to return to the country as he and I spent most of our childhoods there, but we will wait on the Lord and go where He leads...I just hope it's down a lovely dirt road where the wind blowing through the trees is music....

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