May 19, 2010

Muffin Wednesday

So it seems, that Wednesday has become my official muffin making day - it used to be Mondays, you know Muffin Mondays has a nice ring to it, real catchy - but we're too busy Mondays to make muffins. 

Anyways today's creation is; whole wheat with banana, chocolate chips, strawberry jam and prune puree.  Reason being, I like how banana in a muffin makes it real moist, the chocolate chips (and were only talking a few here) add that little bit of "goodness" that will make the kids eat them - no matter what is in them.  And about the prunes and jam, while my littlest one on occasion benefits from the pureed prunes and so I thought I would add it into the mix and a teaspoon of strawberry jam just to help mask the taste.  (Not everyone is a prune fan)

I've been doing this of late, making muffins and incorporating new ingredients.  I used to think baking was too exact to play in - and thus why I love to cook more then bake.  When I cook I just instinctively add and combine new flavours and ideas.  I love the freedom and exploration of cooking.  Lately though, (even if it is only with muffins) I am starting to experiment more and ...I like it.  So I find it interesting to loosen up a bit in the baking department and I really should thank the two Chrissy's in my life.  First Chrissy M for telling me about her efforts to bake more healthy for her family, she adds things like apple sauce and honey to sweeten her dishes instead of sugar - it got me to thinking about trying different approaches.  Secondly to my sister-in-law Chrissy, who got me a cookbook for my birthday, it's all about sneaking vegetables and fruit into your dishes.  I haven't exactly baked directly from it yet, but it has also given me inspiration, I can't wait to try the brownies with spinach - I'll let you all know how it goes when I do!

So I add new things, Experimental Muffin Wednesday might be a better title, it's no grand adventure but it's a start and anyways the kids seem to love them!    


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  1. In your search for good recipes, keep an eye out for a used copy of "Whole Foods For the Whole Family." Great healthy recipes that are fun, but it is out of print so used is the only way to go.


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