May 15, 2010

Saturday Surprise

Well this is what I awoke to find on my front lawn this morning - I guess my husband won't have to cut the grass today! ;)

It's here to dig up and move our gas meter to the front of our house.  You see our house is finally getting a drive way!  How exciting!!!  When Dave and I purchased our house two and a half years ago it had no parking - though there was some concern by family and friends about what we would do and why we would purchase a home without parking - we just knew it was the house God wanted for us.

So making a long story short, God revealed to me one day a solution to our problem.  There is a small-ish alley way between our house and the neighbours and though most won't believe it, you can actually fit a car through there.  So our neighbours were gracious enough to grant us the right of way and the city approved it, we can now pull through - between the houses - and park at the rear of ours.  It is such a blessing!

So part of the condition was that we needed to move and or protect the two gas meters that are in the alley.  We are getting ours moved and putting a post infront of the neighbours to protect it.  So they are here, digging away - really nice work crew too.  And well, it gives the kids something to watch!

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