May 17, 2010

Yard Sale

So we have decided to have a yard sale next weekend.  Being that we have some extra things around we no longer need and also the enormous amount of kids clothes that are taking over our home need to go!

My hubby was home today and we sorted through the clothes and toys.  Earlier in the day, as we sorted through the toys my daughter Olivia had to be involved.  All the toys she hasn't touched in months are now her "favourite" and she kept asking for them.

We tried to explain to her that these were for other kids; she didn't like it.  We said that she has lots of toys and it would be nice to let some other kids play with these toys; she didn't like that either.  So we settled on telling her that getting rid of old toys and letting someone else enjoy them is something Jesus would want.  That seemed to sit well. 3.3.2010 Olivia

But, later... "Daddy are those blankets for me?" pointing to a pile of folded recieving blankets for the sale.
"Oh, are they for Jesus?"

Ah kids, the things we try to teach and the things they actually hear.  Oh well if she thinks the yard sale is for Jesus, it can't be all that bad.  I think I'll send her to her granma's for the day....

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