Jun 30, 2010


So I haven't been posting as often as usual for a couple of reasons - firstly because I am SO crazy busy as of late and secondly because my laptop can't connect to the internet right now so I only can use the desk top and I don't have as much of a chance to utilize it as I do the laptop.

Image courtesy of a Facebook friend
Excuses aside I DO have some interesting info to share with you all!

Sunday evening I attended a seminar by Creation Ministries at a local church.  It was a brief overview on the apologetics of creation.  Very insightful!  The speaker stressed a couple of major issues that I had to agree with.  One was that he said we should be intelligent in our faith - being not just knowing what we believe but WHY we believe it too!  This is an information age and we need to be equipped with the information to back up our faith.  Now nothing takes the place of God's work in our lives and His ability to work through us to spread His word, but having more 'scientific' evidence backing you up can help.  This is good for when you meet those people who just want to debate for the sake of it! (I know, I used to be one...and sometime still am.. ;)

Then our speaker stressed how this  (to be intelligent in our faith) needs to be passed on to our children.  The statistics are that children who attend a church but also attend public school, 70% of them will leave the church by age 18!  For many children this is due to the fact that they don't know why the believe in God, just that they should and after being bombarded 5 days a week with information (no matter it's inaccuracy) they begin to turn away from the truth and follow only what they are told.  They follow this other source of teaching because for one, they hear it more often and for another reason,they don't have a solid foundation in their faith for which to stand on.

Psalm 11:3 says; If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Teaching our children about God is so very important but I never truly considered the importance of  given them a more intelligent approach - and I think as a women that is a weakness.  As women we tend to focus on feelings and emotions but there is hard evidence for the existence of God and hard evidence to refute evolution!

There was lots of interesting facts the speaker presented that supported creation and pointed out the obvious holes in the theory of evolution.  Most were so simple yet I never thought of it much - mostly because I had just accepted what I was told all through school, to be the truth.  Upon becoming a Christian I just figured "Well, they're wrong because I know God says differently but I just don't know how they're wrong..."

I will leave you with one point to ponder - proof of our glorious God and the accuracy of His word - and for those of you like me, who never put much thought into the apologetics of your faith you might be awaken.

If there earth is billions of years old and there are fossils of all the dead creatures, when did it all happen?  The bible says that God created the world and when He was finished He said it was good.  Then man sinned and then there was death on the earth....think on it!

By the way - fossils can't be formed over millions of years - the matter would decompose long before it could be fossilize - it must happen instantaneously - as in a great BIG flood.

(Okay so that's two points to ponder...) God Bless!


Jun 24, 2010

The Bible has Feet, it Runs After Me!

WOW, what a whirlwind last little bit.  I feel as if ages have gone by when really, if I check the calendar, it has merely been a week!  Also upon checking the calendar I see summer is officially here, nice!

So the Studio Tour is over, (for another year at least) and it was a quiet weekend!  Not as encouraging as I could hope for but still an enjoyable experience!  We are still under-going our mass amounts of renovations and under our crazy short deadline too - but things are progressing fairly well.  The bedroom has walls and even a coat of mud!  I think I will paint our front stairs today - seeing as it is a rainy day might as well put a movie on for the girls and get at em!

Being as I have been busy and well lazy (how can one be busy AND lazy you ask?  Well...let me tell you! ;)  I have slightly been neglecting my morning devotional time! (bad Kaitlin, bad...*whimper*..I know.)  Sooo anyways, I was lying in bed this morning, as hubby was getting ready for work, 6 ish, and thinking "I should get up and spend this time with God...I miss Him after all and really what's my excuse...?"  But did I...NO! (what a stinker eh!?!)

So I roll over and proceed to get comfy - ah but God will get you if He wants to...!!!

"WAHHHH!" - it's Olivia, my eldest in the next room.  No, 6:15 is not her usually wake up time, quite on the contrary.  I hear Dave going in to settle here down, but alas she has woken the baby, "Oh," I think, "Dave will settle the baby too, I can still get some sleep."  And he does, good man!  So I think once more, maybe I should get up, I mean I know I should, but ah... my bed is sooo comfy and wait....what's that?  A SPIDER on the ceiling!  Okay I'm up!

I have to laugh at it all!  God is good and He won't let us go!  He knows I need Him and need to be back on track, spending that time with Him!  Thank you Lord, You are so gracious!

I read for quite a bit, had a thoughtful prayer time and some good coffee to boot!  After this I picked up our bathroom bible book  (The Bathroom Bible Book by Mark Littleton, available at Christianbook.com)  So flipping through I found this quote by Martin Luther;

"The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me."

Fitting eh?  I thought so!

Jun 18, 2010

Studio Tour 2010 and other things…

Tomorrow is my long awaited Studio Tour with the Art in the City Brockville group.  I'm so excited! :)

We plan in September to be on the tour the following June, so yes I'm not kidding when I say long awaited!  Last year was such a positive and encouraging experience I am hoping for the same this year.  It is really nice to meet with all the people who come through on the tour, I love meeting with people so this is such a wonderful opportunity to meet with many of the city residence and even some out-of-towners!

So come one, come all, check it out, meet with myself and many other local artists and oh yes did I mention the FREE coffee!? ;)

On another, sorta related story, I will inform you all that the country drives have come to an end....for now.  For those of you who are regular readers you may have noticed a trend as of late.  Many country drives and talks of out of the city life...so yes we have found a country home that we feel may just be what God wants for us! (tee hee!)

I'm not saying boo about the location (yet) and for those that know, don't boo either! ;)   We think and pray this all in the will of God - so really we are open to Him changing any of it at any moment!  Really!  Not saying I'd be happy...just open ;)  No seriously, both Dave and I only want this if it is what God wants for us -but in the mean time that means I am FINALLY getting a master bedroom! (another tee hee!)

I can't remember if I mentioned before that when we bought our current house, half the upstairs was torn apart.  We did up one room for our youngest daughter when we found out she was coming, but that had put the master renos on hold.  So one thing lead to another and now two and a half years later we still have no walls and no door!  But all that is changing this weekend!  Even as I write this, my husband and his brother are upstairs attaching drywall to the ceiling - tomorrow we get a door!  (BIG tee hee!)

So all in all it's a win win situation.  We either fix up this place, sell and move to our country home or we don't sell and finally have a more setteled home here!

We really feel God wants this for us and there are many things to confirm it - but I will save those for another day...

Well I pray you all have a blessed weekend, a happy Father's Day and please if you stop by on the tour say Hi! I'd love it!  :)


Jun 17, 2010

Small Victories

So, really this may just sound stupid but do you know the feeling you get when you have something stuck in your teeth and your work and work at it until FINALLY you get it out - it's such a victorious feeling!  Like a popcorn husk - know what I mean? 

Sorry if this is the lamest post yet but I was just thinking about it last night as such an event happened - really it's the small victories that are sometimes the most rewarding.

Think about that when you're witnessing daily - planting the 'seed' of God - that one small seed can become something so much larger - just like one popcorn husk removed from the gums can bring so much relief. 

Now do you know what I mean?

Jun 11, 2010

More diet food -Meatballs!

So I am continuing along on this 'diet' (I am told it is not a diet but a weight management plan, which I agree with and understand, but for here I shall call it a diet - plus it's quicker to type diet then weight management plan, every time!)

I made Baked Meatballs in Tomato sauce the other night - now again YUM!    They were super good and the sauce was real nice.  We are allowed to add certain ingredients, like herbs, spices, garlic and others that don't change the calorie count, (like mustard - yellow not Dijon)  So with some fresh herbs and a few spices we had a better the 'store bought' and quicker then the 'old family recipe' version of a tomato sauce.

On another note my studio tour is next weekend.  For those of you who read the magazine you would have seen that under the lesire section.  I do hope many of you are able to make it out - not just to see me but to see all the talent this fair city has to offer!  It is a very encouraging experience for us to meet people who are interested in what we do.  I know that last year I came away from the whole experienced in such a positive note and I praying for the same again!  If you are a reader of the magazine or my blog, then please let me know when you come by on the tour - I'd love to meet you face to face! :)

The link for the tour info and to download a map is:  http://www.artinthecitybrockville.blogspot.com/

So I continue to make low fat, low calorie and highly yummy food and work away in these last remaining days on my art  and, oh yes, let's not forget about  the coffee!

Jun 8, 2010

The battle of the eggs!

Okay this post has nothing to do with the one about eggs I posted a few days ago (the one where my toddler thought she saw eggs in the field which were in fact rolled hay wrapped in that white plastic wrapping) 

So I made poached eggs and toast for the girls today - they love eggs - or used to that is...  Both ate about half of the serving I gave them before both deciding they did not like eggs!  So they finished their toast and that was the end of it....or so I thought.

A short while later, not having cleaned up the lunch mess yet, my baby needed some consoling - so I sat at the table with her in my lap.  She spies her sister's left over egg...

*point, point* *grunt* Translation - "I want that egg!"
"Really? Okay then."  Not fully believing she'd take it - as she had spit out her egg not 5 minuets earlier I grab the fork and offer her a morsel.
*gobble*  "Mmmm"  *smiles*
"Oh, okay then I guess you can have  more, alright." (This means a well feed baby and not wasted food, okay good!)
"NO, that MY egg!" (this is Olivia)  Walks over and proceeds to pick a piece off the plate and pops it into her mouth, "Mmmm, MY egg!"
*point, point* *grunt, GRUNT* Translation - "I want MORE egg!"

So that is how we finished the egg - two kids, who don't like eggs remember - fighting over the remaining morsels of lunch.  Eggs...who knew!

Jun 7, 2010

You call THIS diet food?

I started the Curves Fitness & Weight Management Plan last week.  I have been attending Curves with my sister-in-law since October but thought I would embark on this plan to aid me in my attempt at weight loss.  I've never dieted before so this is interesting and a learning experience - for sure!  But who knew the food would be sooo delicious - I mean it's a diet (for the most part) so not that I thought the food would be bad, just I didn't expect it to be THIS good!  I'm all for veggies and low carbs but the new and exciting combinations the plan offers are awesome!!!  I thought I would have to abandon my love of cooking to focus on these recipes but on the contrary I am, in fact, learning new ways to mix, combine and prepare all the foods I love and more!    Just check out these Chicken and Cheese Enchilada with Salsa that I made last night - now really who wouldn't want to eat that? (Other then Mr. M - you shall remain anonymous but you know who you are! ;)  So I get to make yummy foods, (even hubby thinks this is good!), prospectively lose weight, learn even better ways to prepare healthy meals, set a good example for my daughters and still partake in my food photography - I think this is going to be good...real good!

Jun 4, 2010

In the eyes of a Toddler

On another country drive we drove past a field full of rolled hay, looking something like this...

My toddler from the back seat, spies the scene and can be heard;

 *Gasp* "Look at all the eggs!"

Ah, the world through the eyes of a child...

Jun 2, 2010


It seems - well to me at least - that many people are at pivotal moments in their lives right now!  It seems God is doing some big behind the scenes work in many of the lives of the people around me.  Not that anything might change in a day or even a season but that things are in the works.  I know that God is always working but to me I just think there are many out there right now teetering on the edge of change.  To those of you who feel it too, I remind you to rest in the Lord!  May God's blessing be with all of you and hey, don't forget to let me know where He takes you...

Wait on the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14

Jun 1, 2010

June or Future Plans

Ah it's June....wow where has the time gone?  Many of you have already checked out this months issue of Homemaker Design - hope you like it!  If you read the note from me on the home page you will see that this is the last issue for the summer.  Hopefully and prayerfully the magazine will return in the fall. 

God has really placed on my heart a command to do the magazine but I have come to realize I cannot do it alone...or even with the minimal staff I have.  (Gracious staff as they are - seeing as it is all voluntary)  I guess I figured more people would be interesting in submitting, contributing and wanting to be involved in the whole process.  I started this, well because firstly God gave me the idea and secondly as a creative outlet for myself and others.  I think there is a future for HMD but in the mean while I, and my staff, are taking the summer off! 

I pray that more people will wish to join our team.  It is a great experience and has been an encouraging start to something that could be great.  My vision is to get the magazine into print someday - I see Homemaker Design being the Martha Stewart Living of the Christian community!  It may be a grand dream but if it is a God laid plan then we shall succeed!  For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.  Jeremiah 29:11

And if it isn't what I dream it to be then I will accept that.  What I have learned so far is this:

There is a need for this type of content.
God is sooo gracious!
People are neat and I love meet more and more of you!
That maybe my high school English teachers were not always right and that I do have a slight writing talent.
Running a ministry is hard yet rewarding work.
I hate computers, but they aren't going anywhere and they will never like me either.
That I love my new found talent of food photography!

There is more I have learned but I will leave you with those for today.  May God bless each of you today and everyday!  The blog will continue throughout the summer and you may even find some of your favourite bits from the magazine here.  Don't hesitate to contact me anytime - I love hearing from you!  Well back to work - now that the magazine is on hold I have three weeks to pull together my studio tour... ;)


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