Jun 8, 2010

The battle of the eggs!

Okay this post has nothing to do with the one about eggs I posted a few days ago (the one where my toddler thought she saw eggs in the field which were in fact rolled hay wrapped in that white plastic wrapping) 

So I made poached eggs and toast for the girls today - they love eggs - or used to that is...  Both ate about half of the serving I gave them before both deciding they did not like eggs!  So they finished their toast and that was the end of it....or so I thought.

A short while later, not having cleaned up the lunch mess yet, my baby needed some consoling - so I sat at the table with her in my lap.  She spies her sister's left over egg...

*point, point* *grunt* Translation - "I want that egg!"
"Really? Okay then."  Not fully believing she'd take it - as she had spit out her egg not 5 minuets earlier I grab the fork and offer her a morsel.
*gobble*  "Mmmm"  *smiles*
"Oh, okay then I guess you can have  more, alright." (This means a well feed baby and not wasted food, okay good!)
"NO, that MY egg!" (this is Olivia)  Walks over and proceeds to pick a piece off the plate and pops it into her mouth, "Mmmm, MY egg!"
*point, point* *grunt, GRUNT* Translation - "I want MORE egg!"

So that is how we finished the egg - two kids, who don't like eggs remember - fighting over the remaining morsels of lunch.  Eggs...who knew!

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