Jun 24, 2010

The Bible has Feet, it Runs After Me!

WOW, what a whirlwind last little bit.  I feel as if ages have gone by when really, if I check the calendar, it has merely been a week!  Also upon checking the calendar I see summer is officially here, nice!

So the Studio Tour is over, (for another year at least) and it was a quiet weekend!  Not as encouraging as I could hope for but still an enjoyable experience!  We are still under-going our mass amounts of renovations and under our crazy short deadline too - but things are progressing fairly well.  The bedroom has walls and even a coat of mud!  I think I will paint our front stairs today - seeing as it is a rainy day might as well put a movie on for the girls and get at em!

Being as I have been busy and well lazy (how can one be busy AND lazy you ask?  Well...let me tell you! ;)  I have slightly been neglecting my morning devotional time! (bad Kaitlin, bad...*whimper*..I know.)  Sooo anyways, I was lying in bed this morning, as hubby was getting ready for work, 6 ish, and thinking "I should get up and spend this time with God...I miss Him after all and really what's my excuse...?"  But did I...NO! (what a stinker eh!?!)

So I roll over and proceed to get comfy - ah but God will get you if He wants to...!!!

"WAHHHH!" - it's Olivia, my eldest in the next room.  No, 6:15 is not her usually wake up time, quite on the contrary.  I hear Dave going in to settle here down, but alas she has woken the baby, "Oh," I think, "Dave will settle the baby too, I can still get some sleep."  And he does, good man!  So I think once more, maybe I should get up, I mean I know I should, but ah... my bed is sooo comfy and wait....what's that?  A SPIDER on the ceiling!  Okay I'm up!

I have to laugh at it all!  God is good and He won't let us go!  He knows I need Him and need to be back on track, spending that time with Him!  Thank you Lord, You are so gracious!

I read for quite a bit, had a thoughtful prayer time and some good coffee to boot!  After this I picked up our bathroom bible book  (The Bathroom Bible Book by Mark Littleton, available at Christianbook.com)  So flipping through I found this quote by Martin Luther;

"The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me."

Fitting eh?  I thought so!

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