Jun 30, 2010


So I haven't been posting as often as usual for a couple of reasons - firstly because I am SO crazy busy as of late and secondly because my laptop can't connect to the internet right now so I only can use the desk top and I don't have as much of a chance to utilize it as I do the laptop.

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Excuses aside I DO have some interesting info to share with you all!

Sunday evening I attended a seminar by Creation Ministries at a local church.  It was a brief overview on the apologetics of creation.  Very insightful!  The speaker stressed a couple of major issues that I had to agree with.  One was that he said we should be intelligent in our faith - being not just knowing what we believe but WHY we believe it too!  This is an information age and we need to be equipped with the information to back up our faith.  Now nothing takes the place of God's work in our lives and His ability to work through us to spread His word, but having more 'scientific' evidence backing you up can help.  This is good for when you meet those people who just want to debate for the sake of it! (I know, I used to be one...and sometime still am.. ;)

Then our speaker stressed how this  (to be intelligent in our faith) needs to be passed on to our children.  The statistics are that children who attend a church but also attend public school, 70% of them will leave the church by age 18!  For many children this is due to the fact that they don't know why the believe in God, just that they should and after being bombarded 5 days a week with information (no matter it's inaccuracy) they begin to turn away from the truth and follow only what they are told.  They follow this other source of teaching because for one, they hear it more often and for another reason,they don't have a solid foundation in their faith for which to stand on.

Psalm 11:3 says; If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Teaching our children about God is so very important but I never truly considered the importance of  given them a more intelligent approach - and I think as a women that is a weakness.  As women we tend to focus on feelings and emotions but there is hard evidence for the existence of God and hard evidence to refute evolution!

There was lots of interesting facts the speaker presented that supported creation and pointed out the obvious holes in the theory of evolution.  Most were so simple yet I never thought of it much - mostly because I had just accepted what I was told all through school, to be the truth.  Upon becoming a Christian I just figured "Well, they're wrong because I know God says differently but I just don't know how they're wrong..."

I will leave you with one point to ponder - proof of our glorious God and the accuracy of His word - and for those of you like me, who never put much thought into the apologetics of your faith you might be awaken.

If there earth is billions of years old and there are fossils of all the dead creatures, when did it all happen?  The bible says that God created the world and when He was finished He said it was good.  Then man sinned and then there was death on the earth....think on it!

By the way - fossils can't be formed over millions of years - the matter would decompose long before it could be fossilize - it must happen instantaneously - as in a great BIG flood.

(Okay so that's two points to ponder...) God Bless!


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  1. Kaitlin,

    you need a LIKE button lol

    I felt the same way last year. I have been trying to research more about it with my kids and we are going to the Creation seminar this year...and to MBC (they are having a super Creation week there this year.)


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