Jun 1, 2010

June or Future Plans

Ah it's June....wow where has the time gone?  Many of you have already checked out this months issue of Homemaker Design - hope you like it!  If you read the note from me on the home page you will see that this is the last issue for the summer.  Hopefully and prayerfully the magazine will return in the fall. 

God has really placed on my heart a command to do the magazine but I have come to realize I cannot do it alone...or even with the minimal staff I have.  (Gracious staff as they are - seeing as it is all voluntary)  I guess I figured more people would be interesting in submitting, contributing and wanting to be involved in the whole process.  I started this, well because firstly God gave me the idea and secondly as a creative outlet for myself and others.  I think there is a future for HMD but in the mean while I, and my staff, are taking the summer off! 

I pray that more people will wish to join our team.  It is a great experience and has been an encouraging start to something that could be great.  My vision is to get the magazine into print someday - I see Homemaker Design being the Martha Stewart Living of the Christian community!  It may be a grand dream but if it is a God laid plan then we shall succeed!  For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.  Jeremiah 29:11

And if it isn't what I dream it to be then I will accept that.  What I have learned so far is this:

There is a need for this type of content.
God is sooo gracious!
People are neat and I love meet more and more of you!
That maybe my high school English teachers were not always right and that I do have a slight writing talent.
Running a ministry is hard yet rewarding work.
I hate computers, but they aren't going anywhere and they will never like me either.
That I love my new found talent of food photography!

There is more I have learned but I will leave you with those for today.  May God bless each of you today and everyday!  The blog will continue throughout the summer and you may even find some of your favourite bits from the magazine here.  Don't hesitate to contact me anytime - I love hearing from you!  Well back to work - now that the magazine is on hold I have three weeks to pull together my studio tour... ;)

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