Jun 11, 2010

More diet food -Meatballs!

So I am continuing along on this 'diet' (I am told it is not a diet but a weight management plan, which I agree with and understand, but for here I shall call it a diet - plus it's quicker to type diet then weight management plan, every time!)

I made Baked Meatballs in Tomato sauce the other night - now again YUM!    They were super good and the sauce was real nice.  We are allowed to add certain ingredients, like herbs, spices, garlic and others that don't change the calorie count, (like mustard - yellow not Dijon)  So with some fresh herbs and a few spices we had a better the 'store bought' and quicker then the 'old family recipe' version of a tomato sauce.

On another note my studio tour is next weekend.  For those of you who read the magazine you would have seen that under the lesire section.  I do hope many of you are able to make it out - not just to see me but to see all the talent this fair city has to offer!  It is a very encouraging experience for us to meet people who are interested in what we do.  I know that last year I came away from the whole experienced in such a positive note and I praying for the same again!  If you are a reader of the magazine or my blog, then please let me know when you come by on the tour - I'd love to meet you face to face! :)

The link for the tour info and to download a map is:  http://www.artinthecitybrockville.blogspot.com/

So I continue to make low fat, low calorie and highly yummy food and work away in these last remaining days on my art  and, oh yes, let's not forget about  the coffee!

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