Jun 18, 2010

Studio Tour 2010 and other things…

Tomorrow is my long awaited Studio Tour with the Art in the City Brockville group.  I'm so excited! :)

We plan in September to be on the tour the following June, so yes I'm not kidding when I say long awaited!  Last year was such a positive and encouraging experience I am hoping for the same this year.  It is really nice to meet with all the people who come through on the tour, I love meeting with people so this is such a wonderful opportunity to meet with many of the city residence and even some out-of-towners!

So come one, come all, check it out, meet with myself and many other local artists and oh yes did I mention the FREE coffee!? ;)

On another, sorta related story, I will inform you all that the country drives have come to an end....for now.  For those of you who are regular readers you may have noticed a trend as of late.  Many country drives and talks of out of the city life...so yes we have found a country home that we feel may just be what God wants for us! (tee hee!)

I'm not saying boo about the location (yet) and for those that know, don't boo either! ;)   We think and pray this all in the will of God - so really we are open to Him changing any of it at any moment!  Really!  Not saying I'd be happy...just open ;)  No seriously, both Dave and I only want this if it is what God wants for us -but in the mean time that means I am FINALLY getting a master bedroom! (another tee hee!)

I can't remember if I mentioned before that when we bought our current house, half the upstairs was torn apart.  We did up one room for our youngest daughter when we found out she was coming, but that had put the master renos on hold.  So one thing lead to another and now two and a half years later we still have no walls and no door!  But all that is changing this weekend!  Even as I write this, my husband and his brother are upstairs attaching drywall to the ceiling - tomorrow we get a door!  (BIG tee hee!)

So all in all it's a win win situation.  We either fix up this place, sell and move to our country home or we don't sell and finally have a more setteled home here!

We really feel God wants this for us and there are many things to confirm it - but I will save those for another day...

Well I pray you all have a blessed weekend, a happy Father's Day and please if you stop by on the tour say Hi! I'd love it!  :)


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