Jun 7, 2010

You call THIS diet food?

I started the Curves Fitness & Weight Management Plan last week.  I have been attending Curves with my sister-in-law since October but thought I would embark on this plan to aid me in my attempt at weight loss.  I've never dieted before so this is interesting and a learning experience - for sure!  But who knew the food would be sooo delicious - I mean it's a diet (for the most part) so not that I thought the food would be bad, just I didn't expect it to be THIS good!  I'm all for veggies and low carbs but the new and exciting combinations the plan offers are awesome!!!  I thought I would have to abandon my love of cooking to focus on these recipes but on the contrary I am, in fact, learning new ways to mix, combine and prepare all the foods I love and more!    Just check out these Chicken and Cheese Enchilada with Salsa that I made last night - now really who wouldn't want to eat that? (Other then Mr. M - you shall remain anonymous but you know who you are! ;)  So I get to make yummy foods, (even hubby thinks this is good!), prospectively lose weight, learn even better ways to prepare healthy meals, set a good example for my daughters and still partake in my food photography - I think this is going to be good...real good!

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