Jul 27, 2010

Kids Say…

I love kids and their perceptions on life.  Take Olivia at breakfast this morning,

"What's the kitty doing mommy?"

"Ah, eating honey.  He's having his breakfast."

"Oh!  Crackers and cheese?"

I respond laughing, "No honey, he's eating cat food."


"Haha, no honey not tomato, cat food."

Quizzical look from Olivia, "What kind?"

"Good question honey..."


Or take yesterday,

I'm snuggling and taking in the delicious smell of a freshly washed little girl,

"You're so delicious, can I spread you on toast?"  I playfully ask.

"NO!"  She is stern on this.

"Oh, then can I eat you for breakfast?  You are so yummy I think I will have you for breakfast!"

A serious look and an angry tone, "I am NOT breakfast!  I AM Olivia!"

Jul 26, 2010

Bubbly Birthday

We had a party this past weekend to celebrate Olivia turning 3 or "Phree" as she says it.  We decorated - balloons and streamers - all the things that make a little girl smile! Even Catherine wanted in on the fun, of course, so with each girl grasping a balloon of their own, we got things all in order.

It was Olivia's first official party - wherein we invited her friends and it was not just a family get together.  Now be it that all of her friends happen to be the children of our friends but hey it made for a good time all around!

It wasn't exactly a planned theme but it in the end it became a bubble party!  My girls love bubbles but then again, it seems most kids do...including the big kids! ;)  So I attempted a large bubble wand cake with mini bubble cakes.  It was my first time working with fondant but it worked out pretty well. Let me know what you think... (for those of you who aren't sure what fondant is, well it is that smooth icing that you mainly see on wedding cakes or professional cakes.  It actually is fairly easy to work with once you get the hang of  it.)

Olivia's friends Tyler and Madilyn. (No they are not related - there appears to be a heavy Dutch influence in our surrounding region. All the kids have blond hair and blue or hazel eyes, actually the parents do as well...I guess I'm the odd one out.)

The kids all outside playing with bubbles - what I neglected to show you is my husband and the other children's fathers having more fun with the bubbles then the kids!  I love these people - all my people... !

Olivia's new shoes, the size 7's I was telling you about...oh how they grow....

Speaking of growing, it is amazing to see this little lady growing each day!  She is no longer basing her views and ideas on what daddy and I tell her - no she is formulating and composing her very own thought and opinions.  She is observing, learning, taking it all in.  It amazes me to see her becoming this little person and no longer my baby girl.  She still struggles with many basic kid things, stairs, climbing, real running - but she's getting there, day-by-day.  She loves spinning, dancing, singing, talking and giggling.   It is here, at the age of three, that her memories will begin to last longer and longer to the point where, even as an adult, she will remember the events and the people that surround and encompass her ever expanding world.   This little girl is growing and getting so big, some days it is hard to believe - mothering is a blessing and I thank God for my baby girls - even if they keep growing! ;)

Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia, I love you!

Jul 21, 2010

Summer Time

Lately the weather has been great!  Sunshine days, cool breezes and evening rains - ah bliss!  It's been super so far, berry eating, summer dresses, growing kids, scraped knees, swinging fun, grilled food, good music, mini road trips and the bounty of fresh food!  It's been good! 

 My girls are getting so big - Olivia turned three last Saturday, with a party to be held this weekend as all her friends were away.  It's neat to see her growing and becoming so indepent, in both body and mind!  I notice how she stares at me sometimes, thinking... I wonder what's going on in there....  I see a bright, thoughtful, caring and sensitive little girl coming out more and more each day.  She has overcome many obstacles in her life and I'm sure she will encounter many more, but for now she is one happy little girl! 

My baby, who I guess technically isn't a baby but for me she is, even if it's only for just a little bit longer, she is growing more and more - she still is a spitting image of her daddy, but cute as a button!  Her and her sister are very different people, Catherine is outgoing, bashful, inquisitive and oh so loving!

 I am blessed to have them!

These summer days are slipping away and I want to soak in every moment - I struggle so much between being a Mary or a Martha!  Life continues, but I want to sit and bask in each moment, savour it, photograph it and enjoy it while it is here.  At the same time, the floors are filthy, the dishes need to be washed, I must get to the gym more often and well life goes on...

I have found this summer to be a mix of melancholy and joyful bliss - so much is happening it is hard to keep up!  God is so gracious and I know He is in control and I look forward to where He is leading this family!  I put my trust in Him!

Happy Summer days!!!

Jul 15, 2010

An Update

Well everyone, I think it has been some time since I wrote anything of consequence - in that you are all due for an update...of sorts!

So the move to the country is postponed - no chicken farming for us anytime soon!  The house we were interested in was not all we hoped it would be.  We did a home inspection (thankfully hubby is a home inspector - so no charge) and we found some issues that we were not interested in dealing with at the price being asked.  Though slightly disappointed we are happy to know what we know now and not later!

On our renos - well, they continue...the heat/humidity slowed us down a bit - sadly the bedroom is still not done, but as I type Dave is putting the new hinges on our freshly revamped kitchen cupboards! Yippee, cupboard doors again! 

Olivia is turning 3 on Saturday and though I should be all "Wow I can't believe she is three!?!"  It's more a "Wow, I can't believe I've only been a mom three years now!?!?"  Though the fact that she wears a size 7 now is something else all together...remember the post a couple of months ago about how her feet had grown and we had to get new shoes...well repeat that for this last weekend - kids eh?!

Catherine is learning to trust in herself and walk unaided - I am happy and a little sadden, I find she is growing so fast!

I haven't been able to do any art since the studio tour as my studio is acting as our master bedroom until the reno is done.  Though I'm still open for portrait work if anyone is interested! ;)

The summer is whizzing by and there are big things on the horizon!  I continue to seek God in all things - big or small - and I am still working towards knowing Him better!  I need to be more disciplined in just about every area of my life - Lord help me!

I am not sure of the future of Homemaker Design, as a magazine - or at least at the scale I had intended.  Though I enjoy it and love to have it around, there is not enough support and I think God is calling me to other things.  The option shall remain and I will keep up on this blog (though really other then a couple of loyal 'fans', I'm not sure if anyone really reads this?!?!)  But I think I may have to decided carefully where I will put my focus...

All is all, the summer has been enjoyable - bloody hot yes, but still enjoyable and hey, when it gets too hot, just remember - there is less the six months 'till Christmas!!!

Jul 11, 2010

Sunday Morning

Olivia was up bright and real early today- 6:00.  We tried to get her to sleep in our bed with us, to try and squeeze in a few more minuets, but to no real avail!

But needless to say this day is gorgeous.  The terrible heat is gone (for now), our house is a reasonable temperature - cool enough to get a batch of muffins in this morning and the coffee is hot and delicious! :)

Our day feels blessed already!

At this moment Olivia is threading beads on a string, Catherine has awoken and is eating her breakfast and Dave is our musical entertainment.

Such a day - I love Sunday mornings!

Jul 8, 2010

So Hot!

It's too hot to type...it's too hot to move...it's so sticky icky....it's even to hot to think....and apparently too hot to upload photos!  Poor computer is too hot to do much these days!  Sorry folks, too hot to write for you all, check back in a few days when this heat spell is over....it's going to be over soon...right?

Jul 4, 2010


Okay so I had just spent about half an hour typing out a post...when...as computers go - it ate it!  Yup, it's gone - so sorry folks, no post for you! :(  Stupid computers and their love of eating my work!  Argh!  I'll see about writing it again some time - just know that God is doing good things, even if you don't see it or understand it! 

I have to go now, before something rash happens! :P

Jul 3, 2010


Hey readers!  Just checking in, how you all doing?  Did you have a nice Canada day?  I'm keeping busy with renos....fighting for counter space among the gallons of paint and other such reno necessities... I'll post some pics in a while....only I don't know if there are any before photos....that's how it always goes eh!?  God bless you all!


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