Jul 27, 2010

Kids Say…

I love kids and their perceptions on life.  Take Olivia at breakfast this morning,

"What's the kitty doing mommy?"

"Ah, eating honey.  He's having his breakfast."

"Oh!  Crackers and cheese?"

I respond laughing, "No honey, he's eating cat food."


"Haha, no honey not tomato, cat food."

Quizzical look from Olivia, "What kind?"

"Good question honey..."


Or take yesterday,

I'm snuggling and taking in the delicious smell of a freshly washed little girl,

"You're so delicious, can I spread you on toast?"  I playfully ask.

"NO!"  She is stern on this.

"Oh, then can I eat you for breakfast?  You are so yummy I think I will have you for breakfast!"

A serious look and an angry tone, "I am NOT breakfast!  I AM Olivia!"

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