Jul 21, 2010

Summer Time

Lately the weather has been great!  Sunshine days, cool breezes and evening rains - ah bliss!  It's been super so far, berry eating, summer dresses, growing kids, scraped knees, swinging fun, grilled food, good music, mini road trips and the bounty of fresh food!  It's been good! 

 My girls are getting so big - Olivia turned three last Saturday, with a party to be held this weekend as all her friends were away.  It's neat to see her growing and becoming so indepent, in both body and mind!  I notice how she stares at me sometimes, thinking... I wonder what's going on in there....  I see a bright, thoughtful, caring and sensitive little girl coming out more and more each day.  She has overcome many obstacles in her life and I'm sure she will encounter many more, but for now she is one happy little girl! 

My baby, who I guess technically isn't a baby but for me she is, even if it's only for just a little bit longer, she is growing more and more - she still is a spitting image of her daddy, but cute as a button!  Her and her sister are very different people, Catherine is outgoing, bashful, inquisitive and oh so loving!

 I am blessed to have them!

These summer days are slipping away and I want to soak in every moment - I struggle so much between being a Mary or a Martha!  Life continues, but I want to sit and bask in each moment, savour it, photograph it and enjoy it while it is here.  At the same time, the floors are filthy, the dishes need to be washed, I must get to the gym more often and well life goes on...

I have found this summer to be a mix of melancholy and joyful bliss - so much is happening it is hard to keep up!  God is so gracious and I know He is in control and I look forward to where He is leading this family!  I put my trust in Him!

Happy Summer days!!!

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