Aug 31, 2010

I'm In Love!

It's true, I'm in love.  A real passion, a burning flame kinda love - a love where in it consumes you...that's right meet my lover...

Okay so that one didn't last long...but wait there's more....

Ah yes, I have truly discovered chocolate covered pretzels!  Yes I know they have been around for some time and really I'm not sure why I never thought of them much before!?!  You see, for me the ultimate snack is something savoury, possibly followed by something sweet - as in chocolate.  So why, dear friends why, did I never turn to this treat before.  Salty, sweet, all mixed into one - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

Needles to say, move over popcorn - there's a new snack in town!

Aug 29, 2010

What a place to spend a Saturday.

A friend of mine was running a jazz and BBQ in the park event this past Saturday and invited me to come and sell my art. Though not successful in the selling of any artwork, this is the view I got to enjoy for a few hours.

Beautiful, just beautiful!

The day was breezy and the music fine.  Chatted with old friends, made some new ones and enjoyed the flow of people and the crashing of lake side waves.

Well there may have been worse ways to spend a Saturday!

You shall have a song as in the night when a holy feast is kept, and gladness of heart, as when one sets out to the sound of the flute to go to the mountain of the LORD, to the Rock of Israel.  Isaiah 30:29

Aug 27, 2010

Walk, walk!

She's done it!  Cathy is WALKING!!! YAY!!!!  Well yes, most would say she is late, seeing as she is 17 months now, but I'll tell you, having children who are late walkers is not really that bad a thing...think about it....

So anyways, she is well on her way, getting faster everyday!  She is determined to catch up with that big sister of hers...who by the way is doing quite well with her toilet training!  Wow my girls are getting big, so big, so quick!

Aug 25, 2010

God's Guidance

Victory comes through faith in God and obedience to His word...

This is from the small introduction, in my bible, to the book of Joshua.  It really stuck out to me.

Victory comes through faith in God and obedience to His word!

Simple, straightforward, obvious even?  Then why do we doubt?  Why do we feel the need to take matters into our own hands?   

Victory comes through faith in God and obedience to His word.

I know that when I am facing my 'battles' I usually do not do as I should.  I usually turn from the obvious truth, stated here, to try and find my own path....I say usually but really I always try to do it myself. (just like a toddler!)  This was the theme of my devotional time this morning.  I come to the conclusion that much is happening around me and things are moving so fast I really can't keep up!  And like I said, I usually always take it all on me, carry the burden, struggle through and CRASH eventually.  But God has been gracious (again!).  He has come along beside me, nudged me and said, "Ah, Kaitlin....remember then last time....and the time before....and the time before that...and well, you know!  Why not come to ME this time - early on, I can help you know!?"

And you know what, I think He is right!   Really, this time I am coming to Him, early on.  Not waiting for things to get so hairy that I don't have a choice.  But actually turning to Him step-by-step, consulting, seeking, listening and wanting to follow Him in all that I am facing.  I'm not just doing this for myself either, I want to be stronger in God so that I may be a better tool in helping those I encounter seek Him first.

Joshua 1:9 says;  Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

That's a comforting thought...but it's more then a thought, it's a command! 

God wants to guide us, lead us, show us that yes, we can do it on our own but only if our faith is in Him and our path is lighted by His word!  When we are living this way, our struggles, challenges and battles are easier to face, deal with and win.

Victory comes through faith in God and obedience to His word.

Remember these words next time you are seeking guidance!  And seek it often, my hope is to seek it daily, hourly, moment by moment and I pray this for you as well.

Aug 23, 2010

Road Trip

Ah, we're back.  Back from out little get away.  We did it, we pack two kids into our little car and headed south on an 8 hour drive and it was such a great time! We ended up staying four nights with Dave's Aunt Irene and Uncle Harry - they were more the hospitable!  As you can see hubby was still in his sling but that didn't slow us down! 

We stayed in a little place called Ridgetown.  Know as the "Friendliest Place in Ontario".  Pretty too!  Though we weren't sure exactly what made it the Friendliest Place in Ontario - it didn't hurt that everywhere you went people smiled, said "Hello" and that even the local canine were taken care of!

The kids had a ball!  The aunt and uncle are grandparents themselves and it showed.  They entertained our girls with a room FULL of toys, a TV that never stopped playing Tree House TV and when the kids wouldn't eat their supper they got ice cream.  We toured Harry and Irene's beautiful gardens, drank oodles and I mean oodles of coffee, played in the park, chatted and had an all round good time!

It was a such a nice time!  Getting to know Dave's aunt and uncle was a real treat, they are super people! Their love and generosity know no bound, they opened their home to us and we enjoyed every minuet of their company!  I could see such love and tenderness between the two of them - a life long marriage held together by faith and love through thick and thin, through the raising of five children in a home surrounded by towering trees planted by their very own hands more then 30 years ago.  Though living with Parkinson's Irene is a most elegant woman, full of hospitality, gentleness, style and intelligence.  Harry is a joker, good humoured, kind and a warm hearted man.  They have a team spirit about them and a unity that comes from a lifetime together and loving each other through it all...

After only our first night at their home, Irene wrote us this poem, nothing like poetry to make one feel welcomed!

Thanks Harry and Irene for such a wonderful and much needed vacation.  Thanks be to God for the direction, the means and the family connection grown deeper!

Aug 16, 2010

Summer Days

Ah these summer days, how quickly they pass by us.  Making the most of them seem a necessity but sometimes a challenge to complete when faced with humidity!  But we're tough here in Ontario and we'll brave through it - even turning on the oven to have some baking time with my girl!

 Okay, so maayybee a little warm to do baking, especially since we don't have central air but how can a momma resist?

It is in summer when the city comes alive and you can usually find an event of some sort to take in and if there is no events, then garage sailing will have to do!  Our city had it's annual car show the other weekend and though we did not actually go down to see it we live close enough to the down town that many of them drove by our house.  Take this beauty... I love a classic car! 

It's a real treat living where we do, we are so close to the down town activities that we never have to worry about parking for these events.  We are even close enough to see the fireworks that they set off for Canada day - there is something to be said about city life...

The cool breezy days are spent bubble blowing and with park time adventures.  Though my girls are not really the adventurous type, they do love the park, even if it's only the sand they go to play with!

What a good and patent daddy helping his girl!  As you can see this is BEFORE he fell and dislocated his shoulder...but even with one useful are he's still good for bubble fun!

Piccolo Studios is my art site! Check it out some time! :)

So playing in the park will obviously lead to bath time.

And then on one of our few trips to a real store, you know, not a yard sale, second hand shop or the grocery store I found this little gem of a pillow.  It makes me happy....can't exactly tell you why, but it's awfully pretty! :)

And so our summer days are being filled, passing us by at an alarming rate but enjoyable non the less.  Hubby talked to the doctor today and it's one more week with the sling and then three weeks off work after that.  So we wait on the Lord and His timing!  (It's easier typed then acted out some days! ;)

But interestingly enough Gad has set in motion a little vacation for us!  Nice eh?  He laid in on us in an all random and God like way that we should head to South Western Ontario and stay with my husbands aunt and uncle.  Dave said to God, "Okay Lord, You seem to want us to do this but we really have no extra money, so if You want us to go You'll have to provide the means."  Then deciding to get the mail afterwards, Dave finds a check from the government or really from God!  So we're leaving this week on a road trip, there is more to the story, more God and His will to share, but I'll save that for another day! 

Though it feels crazy to leave when we should be saving EVERY extra dollar, who really wants to argue with God, really!?!?  So this is the first vacation we have had since before Olivia was born - though truly packing two kids into a small car for 8-9 hours might not classify as a vacation for some - I think it will be lovely and hey were putting some check marks beside that list of ours.

 Gotta love these summer days!!!

Aug 12, 2010

New Bedroom!

Well we did it - okay no not really, we didn't finish our master bedroom, yet, but we did do some work in our daughter Olivia's bedroom!  Someone needed to get a nice space of their own!

For those of you who have been following along, you'll know that currently we are in the middle of finishing our master bedroom after almost three years of living here and in a room with no walls, ceiling or flooring, but something has come up....last week my poor hubby fell and dislocated his shoulder and is now in a sling for 3-4 weeks and possibly more...   It's tough, he won't be back to work anytime soon and it wasn't like money was abundant before this happened, but as usual we turn to God and look at our lives and say, "Okay, what can we learn from all this?  What can we do with the time given to us?"

So we have determined to do a number of things:

1.  Appreciate the family time!
2.  Enjoy the finer (and free) things in life!
3.  De-clutter!!!
4. Work on our budget and maybe even stick to it!?!?
5.  Listen to God more and reconnect that relationship or better put, get our priorities in order!

So taking the first one on our list we have begun the adventure of Officially potty training Olivia.  As some of you may know, Olivia has some special needs in different ways so this may seem a late point to start this adventure but for her it is just right!  We are on day four now, no diapers and very few accidents, she is so proud of herself!  This all kick started with a bedroom re-do for her, for we see a real little lady coming about and her room just didn't match that.

Firstly we got a second-hand bed frame from my mom.   A few hours, a couple of cans of spray paint and some good coffee and Olivia has a new bed.

So we rearranged her room and she now loves her "couch bed"!  We have some work left to do, some finishing touches such as trim work, mouldings and I want to create some custom art for her to replace the posters but all in due time, remember we are still sleeping in my studio...  but I wanted to share my little lady's Big Girl Room.

Olivia's bedroom 2

We seem to get to these points often, where in we have little money and lots to accomplish. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you put some thought, creativity and elbow grease into a project.  We do enjoy a challenge, especially renovations on a shoe string budget, thinking outside the box is a must!  But our God is good and He guide us and He will see us through all of this - mainly my husbands healing and our lack of income for the time.  But I want to glean more from God in this time that He has given us!  Dave and I our putting our focus more and more on God and His plans for us.  God has really been pushing us this last year or so, getting us to clean up our act and our lives.  Purging unnecessary material items and thoughts, but man, do we ever have a long way to go!

It is one thing to know your bible, to be able to quote it, memorize it and regurgitate it - but it is a WHOLE other thing to actually LIVE it!  And I don't mean living it when others are watching but living it every day IN THE HEART!  That's what I've been working on and continuing to work on - taking Jesus' commandments and living them DAILY.  No, I'm not there, in that, I'm not where I would like to be, but I keep struggling along and setting my aim on Him.

I'm getting closer to that place where the ONLY opinion that matters to me is His!  But I don't want it to be a forced effort.  I want that thought to be natural, to be second nature, to wake up each day and know the only one I am living for is Christ!

I told you I had some filling in to do for you all and this is some of it.  All in all Dave is doing well, we see a doctor on Monday and they will tell us how bad it is and where we will go from here.  We are really enjoying our time together and like I said it's amazing to watch Olivia getting to be so big and independent.  Catherine is adoring her ever growing collection of headbands and she is ever so close to walking on her own...I think she has her daddy's stubborn nature! ;)

I am excited and slightly nervous of where God will take us through all of this, but I am so very glad that I CAN put my trust in Him and well....we'll just see....

Aug 10, 2010

Wrapping up July

The month of July is gone, we are well into the month of August.  You wouldn't believe all that has gone on in the last few weeks!  I will take some time to do some catching up and for starters I will wrap up the month of July.  Super humidity heat waves and bright breezy days have closed out the month and welcomed another.

We took advantage of these days for picnics and some sweet family time.

Finding just the right spot, soft green grass, lazy cotton clouds and a river view...

Growing girls, yummy food and a real picnic basket, which we found at our local Goodwill store for $5.00! :)

After long summer days it is the evening light that I love so much!  It's soft warm glow as it slowly sinks into the horizon is a most magical light...

Little ones, bathed, happy and in soft cotton jammies are a treat indeed!

Though my creativity seems to dwindle slightly in the hot summer days, I did get away with my sisters-in-law for some craft time.  It was good fun, coffee and socializing. - we even accomplished things too!

Catherine liked her flower head band so much I had to get her more!  She can't be with out them, but I must say, she's a doll in them!

There is more to tell: bubble fun, crafty home projects, injuries and other such tales but for now I will leave you with sweet memories of July...because I just checked the clock, it's 8:30 and it's dark out side....


Aug 9, 2010

Hello Readers!!!

Well, for those of you keeping up, you may have noticed some things - for one, the web address now points to my personal blog and no longer the magazine.  Some day I do hope to re-launch the online magazine but I think it will be released under a new name. You can see more about this under the page titled "For fans of HMD the e-zine"

Secondly you may have noticed some disruption in the site, but all should be well now!

Also I haven't posted in a while, but I will and man will I EVER, there is a lot to say, but I just wanted to get something out for now, I'll fill you in on all the rest in a bit.

Thanks to all those who have enjoyed Homemaker Design as a magazine and I do hope you'll stick around and check out my blog - I'm sure you'll find some of your favorite bits here and maybe some new stuff. 

Grace and Peace to you all!


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