Aug 9, 2010

Hello Readers!!!

Well, for those of you keeping up, you may have noticed some things - for one, the web address now points to my personal blog and no longer the magazine.  Some day I do hope to re-launch the online magazine but I think it will be released under a new name. You can see more about this under the page titled "For fans of HMD the e-zine"

Secondly you may have noticed some disruption in the site, but all should be well now!

Also I haven't posted in a while, but I will and man will I EVER, there is a lot to say, but I just wanted to get something out for now, I'll fill you in on all the rest in a bit.

Thanks to all those who have enjoyed Homemaker Design as a magazine and I do hope you'll stick around and check out my blog - I'm sure you'll find some of your favorite bits here and maybe some new stuff. 

Grace and Peace to you all!

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