Aug 31, 2010

I'm In Love!

It's true, I'm in love.  A real passion, a burning flame kinda love - a love where in it consumes you...that's right meet my lover...

Okay so that one didn't last long...but wait there's more....

Ah yes, I have truly discovered chocolate covered pretzels!  Yes I know they have been around for some time and really I'm not sure why I never thought of them much before!?!  You see, for me the ultimate snack is something savoury, possibly followed by something sweet - as in chocolate.  So why, dear friends why, did I never turn to this treat before.  Salty, sweet, all mixed into one - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

Needles to say, move over popcorn - there's a new snack in town!

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