Aug 12, 2010

New Bedroom!

Well we did it - okay no not really, we didn't finish our master bedroom, yet, but we did do some work in our daughter Olivia's bedroom!  Someone needed to get a nice space of their own!

For those of you who have been following along, you'll know that currently we are in the middle of finishing our master bedroom after almost three years of living here and in a room with no walls, ceiling or flooring, but something has come up....last week my poor hubby fell and dislocated his shoulder and is now in a sling for 3-4 weeks and possibly more...   It's tough, he won't be back to work anytime soon and it wasn't like money was abundant before this happened, but as usual we turn to God and look at our lives and say, "Okay, what can we learn from all this?  What can we do with the time given to us?"

So we have determined to do a number of things:

1.  Appreciate the family time!
2.  Enjoy the finer (and free) things in life!
3.  De-clutter!!!
4. Work on our budget and maybe even stick to it!?!?
5.  Listen to God more and reconnect that relationship or better put, get our priorities in order!

So taking the first one on our list we have begun the adventure of Officially potty training Olivia.  As some of you may know, Olivia has some special needs in different ways so this may seem a late point to start this adventure but for her it is just right!  We are on day four now, no diapers and very few accidents, she is so proud of herself!  This all kick started with a bedroom re-do for her, for we see a real little lady coming about and her room just didn't match that.

Firstly we got a second-hand bed frame from my mom.   A few hours, a couple of cans of spray paint and some good coffee and Olivia has a new bed.

So we rearranged her room and she now loves her "couch bed"!  We have some work left to do, some finishing touches such as trim work, mouldings and I want to create some custom art for her to replace the posters but all in due time, remember we are still sleeping in my studio...  but I wanted to share my little lady's Big Girl Room.

Olivia's bedroom 2

We seem to get to these points often, where in we have little money and lots to accomplish. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you put some thought, creativity and elbow grease into a project.  We do enjoy a challenge, especially renovations on a shoe string budget, thinking outside the box is a must!  But our God is good and He guide us and He will see us through all of this - mainly my husbands healing and our lack of income for the time.  But I want to glean more from God in this time that He has given us!  Dave and I our putting our focus more and more on God and His plans for us.  God has really been pushing us this last year or so, getting us to clean up our act and our lives.  Purging unnecessary material items and thoughts, but man, do we ever have a long way to go!

It is one thing to know your bible, to be able to quote it, memorize it and regurgitate it - but it is a WHOLE other thing to actually LIVE it!  And I don't mean living it when others are watching but living it every day IN THE HEART!  That's what I've been working on and continuing to work on - taking Jesus' commandments and living them DAILY.  No, I'm not there, in that, I'm not where I would like to be, but I keep struggling along and setting my aim on Him.

I'm getting closer to that place where the ONLY opinion that matters to me is His!  But I don't want it to be a forced effort.  I want that thought to be natural, to be second nature, to wake up each day and know the only one I am living for is Christ!

I told you I had some filling in to do for you all and this is some of it.  All in all Dave is doing well, we see a doctor on Monday and they will tell us how bad it is and where we will go from here.  We are really enjoying our time together and like I said it's amazing to watch Olivia getting to be so big and independent.  Catherine is adoring her ever growing collection of headbands and she is ever so close to walking on her own...I think she has her daddy's stubborn nature! ;)

I am excited and slightly nervous of where God will take us through all of this, but I am so very glad that I CAN put my trust in Him and well....we'll just see....


  1. That looks amazing! I am so impressed. :-) I came here through Thirsty Soul.

  2. Thanks Anna! I had to post your comment again myself as I changed url locations and the comment didn't follow. Glad you came to check my site out! :)


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