Aug 23, 2010

Road Trip

Ah, we're back.  Back from out little get away.  We did it, we pack two kids into our little car and headed south on an 8 hour drive and it was such a great time! We ended up staying four nights with Dave's Aunt Irene and Uncle Harry - they were more the hospitable!  As you can see hubby was still in his sling but that didn't slow us down! 

We stayed in a little place called Ridgetown.  Know as the "Friendliest Place in Ontario".  Pretty too!  Though we weren't sure exactly what made it the Friendliest Place in Ontario - it didn't hurt that everywhere you went people smiled, said "Hello" and that even the local canine were taken care of!

The kids had a ball!  The aunt and uncle are grandparents themselves and it showed.  They entertained our girls with a room FULL of toys, a TV that never stopped playing Tree House TV and when the kids wouldn't eat their supper they got ice cream.  We toured Harry and Irene's beautiful gardens, drank oodles and I mean oodles of coffee, played in the park, chatted and had an all round good time!

It was a such a nice time!  Getting to know Dave's aunt and uncle was a real treat, they are super people! Their love and generosity know no bound, they opened their home to us and we enjoyed every minuet of their company!  I could see such love and tenderness between the two of them - a life long marriage held together by faith and love through thick and thin, through the raising of five children in a home surrounded by towering trees planted by their very own hands more then 30 years ago.  Though living with Parkinson's Irene is a most elegant woman, full of hospitality, gentleness, style and intelligence.  Harry is a joker, good humoured, kind and a warm hearted man.  They have a team spirit about them and a unity that comes from a lifetime together and loving each other through it all...

After only our first night at their home, Irene wrote us this poem, nothing like poetry to make one feel welcomed!

Thanks Harry and Irene for such a wonderful and much needed vacation.  Thanks be to God for the direction, the means and the family connection grown deeper!


  1. Looks like a really nice get away. You have a super cute fam!

  2. Nice to see some pictures!


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