Aug 16, 2010

Summer Days

Ah these summer days, how quickly they pass by us.  Making the most of them seem a necessity but sometimes a challenge to complete when faced with humidity!  But we're tough here in Ontario and we'll brave through it - even turning on the oven to have some baking time with my girl!

 Okay, so maayybee a little warm to do baking, especially since we don't have central air but how can a momma resist?

It is in summer when the city comes alive and you can usually find an event of some sort to take in and if there is no events, then garage sailing will have to do!  Our city had it's annual car show the other weekend and though we did not actually go down to see it we live close enough to the down town that many of them drove by our house.  Take this beauty... I love a classic car! 

It's a real treat living where we do, we are so close to the down town activities that we never have to worry about parking for these events.  We are even close enough to see the fireworks that they set off for Canada day - there is something to be said about city life...

The cool breezy days are spent bubble blowing and with park time adventures.  Though my girls are not really the adventurous type, they do love the park, even if it's only the sand they go to play with!

What a good and patent daddy helping his girl!  As you can see this is BEFORE he fell and dislocated his shoulder...but even with one useful are he's still good for bubble fun!

Piccolo Studios is my art site! Check it out some time! :)

So playing in the park will obviously lead to bath time.

And then on one of our few trips to a real store, you know, not a yard sale, second hand shop or the grocery store I found this little gem of a pillow.  It makes me happy....can't exactly tell you why, but it's awfully pretty! :)

And so our summer days are being filled, passing us by at an alarming rate but enjoyable non the less.  Hubby talked to the doctor today and it's one more week with the sling and then three weeks off work after that.  So we wait on the Lord and His timing!  (It's easier typed then acted out some days! ;)

But interestingly enough Gad has set in motion a little vacation for us!  Nice eh?  He laid in on us in an all random and God like way that we should head to South Western Ontario and stay with my husbands aunt and uncle.  Dave said to God, "Okay Lord, You seem to want us to do this but we really have no extra money, so if You want us to go You'll have to provide the means."  Then deciding to get the mail afterwards, Dave finds a check from the government or really from God!  So we're leaving this week on a road trip, there is more to the story, more God and His will to share, but I'll save that for another day! 

Though it feels crazy to leave when we should be saving EVERY extra dollar, who really wants to argue with God, really!?!?  So this is the first vacation we have had since before Olivia was born - though truly packing two kids into a small car for 8-9 hours might not classify as a vacation for some - I think it will be lovely and hey were putting some check marks beside that list of ours.

 Gotta love these summer days!!!

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