Aug 10, 2010

Wrapping up July

The month of July is gone, we are well into the month of August.  You wouldn't believe all that has gone on in the last few weeks!  I will take some time to do some catching up and for starters I will wrap up the month of July.  Super humidity heat waves and bright breezy days have closed out the month and welcomed another.

We took advantage of these days for picnics and some sweet family time.

Finding just the right spot, soft green grass, lazy cotton clouds and a river view...

Growing girls, yummy food and a real picnic basket, which we found at our local Goodwill store for $5.00! :)

After long summer days it is the evening light that I love so much!  It's soft warm glow as it slowly sinks into the horizon is a most magical light...

Little ones, bathed, happy and in soft cotton jammies are a treat indeed!

Though my creativity seems to dwindle slightly in the hot summer days, I did get away with my sisters-in-law for some craft time.  It was good fun, coffee and socializing. - we even accomplished things too!

Catherine liked her flower head band so much I had to get her more!  She can't be with out them, but I must say, she's a doll in them!

There is more to tell: bubble fun, crafty home projects, injuries and other such tales but for now I will leave you with sweet memories of July...because I just checked the clock, it's 8:30 and it's dark out side....


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