Sep 14, 2010

September So Far...

Wow, I can't believe it, September is halfway through....really...are we sure....?!?!  Okay so having my hubby around for the past five weeks might have thrown me off a little.  But our wonderful summer holiday has come to an end.  Hubby got the okay from the Doctor yesterday and has now returned to work, much to our disappointment!  Though we knew it was coming and our bank account was begging him to return, we are still sad to give up all that time together.  Shortly before returning to work he and I enjoyed our favourite "Put the kids to bed early and break out the good stuff" supper.
Brie cheese, crackers, fig spread and Genoa Salomi!  Oh yum, and oh that's right we ate it in bed - terrible I know - but we're still young and we take so much pleasure in the simple things!  I will miss our early morning coffee together, sitting with the kids, talking together, sharing in each moment of everyday but alas, life goes on...

The weather has turned much cooler here, borderline turning the furnace on, type of cool - so instead of that - I bake!

  Yeah, they were that good!

 We accomplished much of what was on our to-do list that we made when hubby first injured himself and we knew he would be off for a while.  Our list looked something like this:

1. Appreciate the family time!
2. Enjoy the finer (and free) things in life!
3. De-clutter!!!
4. Work on our budget and maybe even stick to it!?!?
5. Listen to God more and reconnect that relationship or better put, get our priorities in order!

Check off number one!  Enjoyed much family time, even got to squeeze in that spur of the moment road trip!  Number two, check, but it also checks number three off the list as well.  Because a free thing to do is de-clutter, always de-clutter!  We also used resources we had around the house to finish off some smaller home reno projects.  Yes, number four was accomplished and for real this time.  Put some real principles into play and I think this time it may stick!  Oh and number five, that one has been the best one to have worked on and to continue to work on.  Hubby and I now wake up at 5:30am to have our time alone (together) with God, he even got them to change his work schedule to gain an extra half our in the morning to make this all possible.  Not saying it is easy but by the grace of our Lord we will continue!
Even though the past few weeks have been extremely budget tight, my darling hubby still doted fresh flowers on me and I returned the favour in yummy baking and good cooking!
Other changes are on the horizon...we are renting out a room to a college friend of my sister in law.  She arrives on Saturday.  So Olivia's new bedroom make-over got made over again and now our little ones are sharing a room.  Day two and well....let's say everyone is tired today, but it will get better as they get used to sharing a space with each other.  It's good for them and they have such a cute cozy room together now, love it!
God seems to have some plans ahead for us, we're pretty sure but not calling it yet because we have been told...
... do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.  Matthew 6:34
For now we are staying put, enjoying the season at hand and watching the storm clouds roll in...

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