Sep 8, 2010

Sweet Baby

The other night my littlest one was not sleeping well and returning home from a girls night out, I found my wonderful hubby balancing the sanding of the bedroom and baby wrangling, I came to his relief and took her into my arms.  She and I sank into the rocking chair in the corner of her room and with soft music drifting from the CD player, I rocked and we snuggled.

She is getting so big and the time from when she was born to now, has flown by incredibly fast! I almost feel like I have missed too many of these sweet moments. The days have escaped by me and as another summer draws to an end I can't help but notice the speedy passage of time.  There we were, mother and child, she wasn't sleeping. she was content just snuggling; resting in the comfort that only her momma could provide. Reaching out, she touched my arm, and let her hand rest there and I took comfort in her touch.

We rocked together that way for some time.  I asked if she wanted to go back to bed and fervently she shook her head "No."  So we stayed that way, momma and growing baby girl, wrapped in each other's love, rocking for some time longer.  She leaned her head back and gazed up at me and in the dim light, I gazed back at her, locking that moment in my mind forever.  I ran my fingers across her soft baby skin, tracing her tiny features locking in my memory the feeling of her soft, smooth skin.  Gently kissing her, she giggled.  "Do you want to go to bed?"
Shakes her head no.  "Do you want kisses?"  Pause...shakes her head no but I didn't believe her.

So I covered her in kisses, she giggled.  So it went on, kisses, giggles, kisses, giggles, until I knew it was time to put her back in bed and bid her sweet dreams.  Good night sweet baby girl, you are growing so fast and these moments are fleeting, oh if only we could pause time now and again.  We can't, so I will savour these times, soak them in and cherish them in my heart always.



  1. Ahh! This post totally made me cry, so special!

  2. Made me cry too. How did she get so big? I remember holding her Daddy and I can still feel his soft blonde hair. The years sure fly.

  3. Tears indeed...makes me well up just thinking of the time flying by and no way of slowing it down, gotta live each moment!


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