Oct 24, 2010

Colour Hunting

I know the last post was a SOL post...hey never looked at the initials for the Spectrum of Light series...fitting, SOL – (pronouncing it ‘soul’) as that finding colour in the everyday renews your soul! Anyways...I’m posting again to remind and refresh you and myself!

Here in Ontario it is getting gloomy and I have a confession to make. I was sitting here with my family and my husband suggested we do one of our all time favourite activates – going for a drive in the country. To this I replied “It’s all gloomy and blah out, what’s the point, there’s nothing to see, the leaves are all gone!”

To which my hubby says, “This coming from the woman who’s trying to show people colour in the everyday, hmmm, isn’t that the point? Especially this time of year?”

To which I hang my head in shame, “You’re right.”

So we are off, on a mission, a mission to find the colour and wonder around us on a blah, cold autumn day. So I leave you with some pics from the last few weeks and I hope to return home with more from today. Happy colour hunting!

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