Oct 1, 2010

Autumn Days and Colours

Good day all!  I feel compelled to write something...not that I have anything of much to say today, just that I have a feeling I should leave you all with something before the weekend.  It has been a busier week then the last one and I did not get many chances to take photos for your viewing enjoyment, though I hope to get out today and snap some shots of the beautiful Ontario fall before it passes away into the colder months...let's not say the "w" word just yet. ;)

I have been learning much in my time with God and I hope to share it all with you, but not yet, all in due time - His time!  What I can say is that He is working in me and I am loving it and if you told me a year ago that I would be coming to terms with what He is showing me, I would have thought you out to lunch.  But it is all good - really good, because it is God!  Though 5:30am comes early and it is dark, I love getting up then and meeting with my Lord!  Yes, my bed is warm and it's not always easy to get up, but I just say "Thank you for the nice warm bed and thank you for grace for waking me so I can be with You."  (and a quick thank you for coffee ;) 

I am planning on starting a photo-blog, within this one, on colour.  (For my American readers, that is how we spell colour in Canada - with a "u", so bare with me 'cause I like it that way! ;)  I want to expose the colours all around me, especially in these next few seasons when we are washed in colour and then our world seems so void of it.  My aim is to just open your eyes to the simple beauty of the colour all around you.  So here's to good intentions and discipline. 

I'll leave you now but I bid you God Bless for the weekend and I am leaving you with this poem, written Anonymously;

O long and dark the stairs I trod
With trembling feet to find my God
Gaining a foot hold bit by bit
Then slipping back and losing it.
Never progressing, striving still
With weakening grasp and faltering will,
Bleeding to climb to God, while He
Serenely smiled, unnoting me.
Then came a certain time when I
Loosened my hold and fell thereby;
Down to the lowest step my fall,
As if I had not climbed at all.
Now when I lay desparing there,
Listen...a footfall on the stair,
On that same stair where I afraid,
Faltered and fell and lay dismayed.
And lo, when hope had ceased to be,
My God came down the stair to me.


  1. Just me again, but I have to comment. I love your tree pictures. Beautiful, and a lovely poem...you inspire me.

  2. Thanks, I like those pictures too and they aren't touched up or anything - but really who could improve on God's handy work? I'm glad I inspire you, though I am surprised at that(now I'm blushing!)I think that is a great poem too and I had to share it, have a great weekend!


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