Oct 18, 2010

Preschool and Pretty Pictures

I took Olivia to her first week of Preschool last week. 

Trust me she was excited about going - it's having her picture taken that she hates!  Maybe it's because she's had a small band of paparazzi following her from day one - (think first baby for us, first grandchild on both sides and two aunts who can't wait to have kids of their own)  She was very happy and has settled in quite quickly.  All I can get out of her so far is that she has new friends, named... "New Friends", they have bouncy balls to play with and that she does not participate in "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes".  HA!  But this will be good for her.  It will help her with her gross motor delays and her social anxiety with her peers.  It's for three mornings a week which gives more some one-on-one time with Catherine and my baby likes that!  So we'll try this for now and see where it leads, or I really mean where He leads.

In the mean time, Olivia has hit the "Let me help!" stage, which is super cute....but.....this is what happens when preschoolers "help"....

We have had some very beautiful weekends lately, though the leaves are fading, the trees are becoming more bare, there is still much beauty to enjoy!

I just love some of these shots but you wait, I have some great pics to share with you all for our Spectrum of Light series!  Oh boy, do I ever...colour is everywhere and I am having so much fun finding it to share with you all!

I've been doing some Christmas shopping - only two months and one week!  I'm so happy!  I love the holidays and part of the reason I can enjoy them so is that I shop all year.  This way it's easier on the budget and I'm not running around last minute picking up random things for the people on my list.  I like to take my time and find just the right thing.  The thing that says, "Hey this made me think of you and I thought you'd like it!" not, "I ran out of time and got you this do-hickey that was on clearance."  (I apologize if this is how you shop but it's just not for me!) Anyways, enough about that...for now...there will be plenty of time for Christmas ramblings later! ;)

For many of you, you might be annoyed that I have brought up Christmas before Halloween.  Well truth is that my family and I do not partake in the Halloween festivities.  Now for any of my readers who are not of the Christian faith I want you to know that I in no way am condemning you for celebrating this event, I do not expect you to have the same thoughts as me or understand my reasoning the way I see it.  (So Jennie, no pics of the girls in costume...at least not until they get their box of dress up clothes for Christmas!)  As for my fellow Christian readers I am not asking you to think like me either but if you are interested you can check out these links for a better understanding of why I feel the way I do.  First from Christian Answers a little article and secondly a video (or you can read the words printed underneath the video) from Pastor John Piper.  That's all I have to say on the topic for today, I'm not here to debate this issue but to answer and show you how God works in my life.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more. :)

So summer is way gone, the fall is here and moving by too quickly.  My mom's pool where Catherine took her first swim waaay back in May is closed for the winter and it's time to dig out the winter coats. 

I leave you now with some pretty pictures of colour, life and the beauty that is all around us.  Have a most blessed day!


  1. Awww Olivia's such a big girl heading off to preschool!! It's such a win-win situation.. she gets to socialize and take that big step of becoming a part of the big world, and you get a little bit of one-on-one time with little sister!
    And yeah, I totally understand not taking part in Hallowe'en festivities - lots of people choose to skip it for a variety of reasons.. I think it's definitely best to go with your heart and beliefs when it comes to these situations, rather than just going along with something that doesn't agree with you!

    Pretty pretty pictures, by the way :D

  2. I was just browsing some of your older posts and came across this one...these pictures are just WOW - makes me so so excited that fall is coming! I totally come alive in the fall...cooler weather, long walks, hot drinks....and so much beauty it makes my heart ache!


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