Oct 2, 2010

Impromptu Worship Time Part 2

Ah it's impromptu worship time at my house again!  A new group of worshipers and quite the group it is!  We are a collection, varying in age, spiritual maturity, and distanced traveled to be here.  We are family, friends and new acquaintances but we are united tonight in worship and song.  Though some of us may be more 'gifted' in music we are all blessed in the moment.  The night wears on and the group looses all inhibitions and looses themselves in the music and fellowship.  New friendships are formed and old ones strengthened, ah the glory of God, the goodness of God, the greatness of God!

My heart is SO happy with this meeting of friends in a time of worship and God honouring glory, it is beautiful to be apart of this!  This music is food to my soul and tonight I have feasted!


  1. Such a fun night!

  2. I was so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves! Praise God :)


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