Oct 26, 2010

Rainy Day Colour

So we did it, we headed out in the rain to find the beauty and colour that has seemed lacking these past few weeks. The leaves have left the trees, the sun has taken a vacation, BUT colour has not!  We packed the girls in the car - which is a great thing as they will usually nap in the car, both of them and for at least an hour or so.  So coffee in hand, good music and rain on the windshield we were off.

We were driving along one of the main roads out of town, a paved highway surrounded by woods and swamp, where all the trees stand naked and void of their summer beauty, when I noticed the 'field' of red among them. 

Turning down a road we have not yet traveled, we discovered this most perfect scene, perfect for the purpose of our trip that day. 

 Talk about colour! (The spotting on the picture is from the rain drops on the windshield - I wasn't kidding it was a real rainy gloomy day)

Being encouraged by the whimsically painted gate I braved the weather and got out of the car to take the photos after that.  Though now I think I may be coming down with something, it is all worth it to show you, my readers, the colour that is all around....even on a gloomy fall day!  *achoo*

Next stop an old church and it's rod iron gate - I may have to come back here some dryer day to see what else there is to see, you gotta love old churches!

Of cource after all the lovely and colourful man-made objects, nature would not be out done and gave me these images to share with you all.

Spying this amazingly red mail box I couldn't help but take a picture.  Imagine how happy you'd be every time you went to get your mail! 

I thought that one was the coolest, until I found THIS mail box......

A country side road.  This would be a nice lane way....*sigh*.....

Another quaint old church, such care in the details....ornate windows, pebbled walkway, lovely gingerbread.....just beautiful!

So there you have it, colour in the everyday - even the rainy ones!  There is something wonderful about a cool rainy day.  Though traditionally I would have stayed indoors, snuggled under a blanket or baking yummy things to eat, (which I have been doing too and plan on sharing MORE pumpkin goodness with you all very soon) it was a nice change to get out and take a look at the world around me, though next time I think I will bring an umbrella....


  1. Well look at you girl, so glad I popped over. Just what I needed COLOR. You spell it different, but apparently it's the same. Beautiful pictures! I'll be back:)

  2. Beautiful. I live in close proximity to all these beautiful things yet miss them so often. Nice to see the world through your eyes, Kait.

  3. I literally just stumbled upon your blog... glad I did. It's funny - my post today almost sounds like your were my inspiration (you wern't, sorry) but we can pretend. ;)
    **BTW: YOUR PHOTOS are gorgeous.

    And, that's exactly what I did..."threw" my littles ones into their car seats and set out... You never know what color and scenery you'll discover along the way.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I love seeing you grow as a photographer!


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