Nov 28, 2010

The Park, Pretty Things and a Party!

It's the end of November and wow, how did that happen?  I can't believe we are less then a month away from Christmas, especially when these pictures were only taken last week!

It's crazy, really! I only put coats on the kids because I couldn't imagine going out in November without a coat, but they weren't actually needed. Like I've mentioned before, I live in Eastern Ontario - we get winter, lots of it,cold, snowy, winter! Really....or at least we used to!?!? But it was great and hey it's not often we get to go out in spring coats in November!

Remember those lovely red, white and sparkly Christmas balls at the end of my Wonderful Weekend post?  They were such a find, only $10 at the grocery store and we picked them up on a No Tax day! :)  Gotta love a bargain!  Well I put them to good use... 

I strung the Christmas balls on fishing line and hung them from the curtain rods.  It's a lovely arrangement.  I made sure to have different heights and an assortment of colours and styles of balls.

I used old pearl and bead garland that I have had forever and strung it on my light fixture.  I then hung an assortment of the little balls on hooks.  I created a pattern of alternating colour and height levels to add interest.  I really like how it turned out!

This is a dessert dish filled with the balls and a votive candle in a holder nestled in the center.  I wrapped sparkly Christmas garland around the outside, it's all shiny and lovely when I light the candle...see next photos!

I got together with my sister in law and mother in law and we had a day of Christmas card making.  I started a few years back, making my own cards, and have tried to continue the tradition each year since.  I really enjoy it and I think it sends that extra touch to the recipients saying "Hey, I love you and crafted this just for you!" or possibly it says, "Hey, apparently I have too much time on my hands!"  hahah! 

Ah but finally we got snow!  It wasn't much and only lasted a few minutes but it was enough to get the girls excited!

Snow globes on the tree...soon girls, soon a winter wonderland must be coming....

We were blessed with double the fellowship fun this weekend.  Friday night we were invited to the home of a family we are fairly well acquainted with.  We have been there once before for their family, friends and fellowship fun night and it was lovely to do it again.  They attend the same church as us and they also invited another young couple who we are getting to know.  We've only been attending for a little while so it was a great time of learning more about each other and hearing stories of God's love and provision in all of our lives!

To continue in the spirit of spreading and celebrating God's love we threw a little party of our own on Saturday...

That's right, it was a REbirthday Party!  It was for our two friends who have come to the know the Lord in the past little while.  It was so much fun!  We had balloons, cake and presents!  It was a blessing to us to bless them!  And to top it off they gave us the gift of showing up at church today!  I was almost in tears for the first half of the service, in joy, at all God has been doing - it's overwhelming!

So with all that said and done, I hope you can see why I didn't post anything since Tuesday - just busy and it's good!  It looks like Catherine has the chicken pox now, so I guess I won't be going too far this week so it was nice to have gotten out so much in the past one! There is so much more I want to say and share about what God is doing right now, but I think that is enough for tonight, but soon....just like my promise of snow to my little ones, I promise to share His workings in our life more with you...soon....real soon.  Until then let me hear about what He's doing in your life - because God is good and fellowship is fun! ;)

 Therefore encourage one another and build one another up... 1 Thessalonians 5:11

God bless!

Nov 23, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

All around me I keep hearing of people getting snow - it's strange, we have hardly seen any and I live in Eastern Ontario!?!?!  But snow or no snow, it won't stop us from partaking in Christmas fun!

Friday night we took the girls to their first parade.  It was tons o' fun!  Though cold, (and yet no snow) the girls loved all the pretty lights and music and Olivia can't stop talking about the puppy that waved at her!  (ah kids!)  We basked in holiday lights and colour and then joined friends at their home for hot chocolate, coffee and I couldn't help, with camera in hand, but to admire their lovely Christmas tree - these are the joys of the season!


Saturday was highlighted by a small Christmas party.  The party was for the Open Air Campaigners from Ottawa.  My sisters-in-law are a part of this group. They are out on the street every Friday night spreading the gospel message in the downtown section of our Nation's capital.  The group stops for the winter as few people will linger long enough to hear the message, so their season was ended with a party at my in-law's house.  There was yummy things to eat, good conversation to be had and music for all to enjoy - especially my little music loving ladies.  The girls had a ball dancing to the live music of my in-laws (hubby included!) and they even stole the show at one point.  It's a blessing to watch Olivia and Catherine growing together and becoming good friends.


Sunday, ah Sunday!  Dave made pancakes, like many men he specializes in breakfast food!  Olivia requested alligator, apple and giraffe pancakes and I think hubby did fairly well!

Apparently he's not just musically talented!

Breakfast was enjoyed greatly by all!  We love our weekend breakfast times together!


So it was a wonderful weekend, full of family, friends and fellowship!  Busy, quick, but good.  We even got the opportunity to meet my sister-in-law`s boy friend!  This is a blessing for them and it is beautiful to watch God work in the lives of his faithful servants.  Ah love!  I'll keep you posted on this happy happening! 

So in wrapping up the weekend we could wait no longer to adorn our home in Christmas cheer and were prompted to spend the rest of our Sunday decorating.  Supper was in the slow cooker, holiday scented candles burning and Christmas music playing on the stereo, it`s one of those days that I so look forward to and enjoy so very much when it`s here.  But I`m sorry to say that I'm saving the pictures of the results of our endeavour for another day...but here's a hint of what's to come....


Christmas is coming!

Nov 16, 2010

Seeing Spots...and Colour!

Calamine know what that means....

CHICKEN POX!  Yes, Olivia has the chicken pox.  She got them from her grandmother (known as DD) who unfortunately has the shingles.   Poor DD and now poor Olivia, though I think Olivia is far better off.   She's doing fine, not too itchy and we're having fun with having no where to go, snuggling in front of movies, colouring, reading, oatmeal baths and all around laziness...umm I mean healing.. ;)   The little one shows no signs of it, yet, but we shall see.  But other then that things are good on the home front!

The weather here has been very unseasonably warm, though it hasn't stopped me from enjoying Christmas music!  My wonderful hubby knows how very much I love the Christmas season and found a radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7, the only sad part is that I can only get it in the car, not at the house, but hey it's something!

So the other day, with shining sun, warm air, coatlessness, open windows we went out and dear friends I found you all some more colour.  Though I did some editing on the photos, just for fun, the colour is real!  We've still got it and it's good but I can't wait until the snow comes and the real challenge is before me, finding colour in a winter wonderland...though, I actually can wait a little longer... ;)

And just to let you all know God has been working some wonderful things all around me!  My friend from the post about a Small Coffee Shop Blessing, who had made a commitment to the Lord a while ago, well her husband made a commitment this weekend!  It's truly wonderful!  We have some plans for them, but I'll tell you about that another day.  What else, well God is leading people to Him through us, which is an awesome blessing to be apart of, He is strengthening and trying my husband and I - in all the good and God ways that He does.  Love is in the air for a dear friend of mine who has patiently waited on our Lord in this area - though I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions...really, I am trying...   We are being guided, lead and learning more and more each day, He has plans and He is calling us and I am trying my best to answer His callings.  My spirit feels afresh and rejuvenated - not that things are easy right now, we are still trying to play catch up (financially) from when my hubby was off work due to his dislocated shoulder, but I am learning daily that these things (material and fleeting things) are not the focus of our lives and the my focus is on Him and that is truly fulfilling!  So I'll wrap this all up and just say, life is good - not easy, but good!

Nov 13, 2010

Blog Spots

So I figured after my 100th post there, that I would share with you the two most common places I blog from.  First is my kitchen, specifically our kitchen window seat.  I LOVE my window seat!  When we first looked through our house before purchasing it, I said to my husband, "There NEEDS to be a window seat there!"  And it wasn't long after we moved in that he so graciously built one for me! 

It is here where we meet each morning for our devotions, here is where have weekend breakfasts together as a family, here is where we sit and contemplate thoughts and ideas, here is where the children fight over the pillows and attack sleeping cats, here is where friends gather and it is here where I am most content to just....sit.  It is a comforting place and where some of my best blogging is inspired from.

The second location I tend to blog from, though not as frequent, is on our big old desk in our dining room.  This desk was given to us by my dad and my hubby refinished the top, so it's all pretty now! (elbow grease goes along way...especially hubby's elbow grease haha)  It's so big which can work against us as it is one large surface to adorn in papers and other things.  But right now it is dressed with lovely flowers and an amazing candle that smells soooo good that I want to just take a big ol' bite out of it! 

I blog from here when the girls are playing or watching a movie.  From here I can see them and also have a nice view of the back yard and the incredible star magnolia that is in our neighbours yard.  Though barren now, it is the most gorgeous in sight and smell come spring!

So other then these locations, I have the occasion to post from my studio as well.  I would show you pictures of it...but it's real messy right now...and well I'll save that for another day.  Anyways that gives you a little insight into my daily life, just the everyday, just so you know a little more about me.  Have a great weekend!

Nov 10, 2010

100th Post

Here we are folks, 100 posts, 100 ramblings, 100 thoughts, all from a girl who never believed it could happen!  I never figured I was a writer, not one worth reading from anyways, yet less then a year later I've hit the 100 mark.  I know it's no big accomplishment really, I get that, as anyone who has blogged for any length of time has hit this point, and with only 6 (greatly appreciated) 'followers', I have not "made the big leagues" of the blogging world.  But dear friends, that is not the point now is it!

What I have learned thus far is:

1.  I can write and it ain't half bad either! ;)
2.  I really, really enjoy photography.
3.  You do not need an expensive camera to take great photos!
4.  That creativity is always in need of an outlet.
5.  My blog has made an impact in the life of a reader and I thank the Lord for that!  God bless you my dear friend!
6.  It gives me something to do online, other then Facebook.
7.  I have stuck with it...

So I shall continue.  It is interesting, challenging and well I just like it!  I wish I had words of wisdom to share or something profound to say but...hey this isn't any different then any other what do you expect? haha ;)  No but truthfully, I have had a blast writing, photographing and expending my other creative talents to share with you all and I am thankfully that it is being enjoyed!  I really look forward to the season ahead, Christmas and it shall be a real blast with my Spectrum of Light series...oh just you wait!  And the baking...think of the baking...*sigh*

We will still ramble on!  Ideas, thoughts, scriptures, struggles, challenges, you know; life.  So friends, I leave you now with photos of Christmasy things, a taste for what lies ahead and a 'thank you' to all of you - your support, comments, prayers and love are more then I could have ever imagined.  God bless you all!

For I know the plans I have for you, delcares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Nov 8, 2010

Lasting Leaves

It's November but colour is not dead yet.  A few leaves are still hanging on and making a real show of it too!

The heavens proclaim His righteousness, and all the peoples see His glory.  Psalm 97:6

Nov 3, 2010

A Small Coffee Shop Blessing

Usually on Tuesday evenings, a group of women and myself get together.  We are all around the same age, 20 somethings, but vary it stages of life, but all there to fellowship and drink coffee!  We meet at the local Starbucks, not because we're so posh and need 'better' coffee, but mostly because we sit there until closing time and with a Starbucks registered card you get free re-fills, which means I get to hang out with my girlfriends, outside the home, for less then $2.00! 

So the group was unusually small last night, just myself and two others, we'll call them S and C for conversation clarity.  So we were sitting there chatting, S is a new Christian and part of the motivation of us all getting together is to help her grow in her relationship with Christ and gain a better understanding of God...oh and to drink coffee...did I mention that? ;)

So S was telling C and I about how she's been listening to the local Christian radio station (UCB Canada) and how she loves, LOVES the program called "Walk in the Word"!  When C says, "Oh really!  Then I have something for you!"  And she proceeds to reach into her purse and removes a package.  "I was planning on giving this to the next person who said they liked that program."

S opens it and the gift is a CD of the top 10 broadcasts from Walk in the Word for 2009!  Overjoyed S jumps up and gives C a hug, "Oh thank you, this is AWESOME!"

The best part was that S was wanting to order the CD but since her husband has gone back to school money is very tight.  C didn't know who she was suppose to give the CD to, but that she was to have it with her this week and God would show her who was to be blessed with the gift.

Our God is in the little things!  I love when God shines in these circumstances, when things fall so perfectly into place that you know He's just there saying, "That's right I love you, right down to the finer details, I love you like no other."  The fact that He blessed two people with one small act was something to enjoy seeing and enjoy it I did! (teary eyed and all!)

May the rest of the week bring many small blessings to you.  Look for them, they are there, and hey when you see 'em share them with me, I have my Kleenex ready! ;)

Nov 1, 2010

To Know God

But now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world, whose slaves you want to be once more?Galatians 4:9

Why?  Why do we do it?  Why do we turn from our God and follow after the things of this world? 

Wrapped in my Saviour's arms I know all is well, that I am whole, complete and secure.  Then something flashes by, it catches my eye and I'm gone.  Like a toddler after a bright red ball, I dash out into the 'street' and into the path of danger.  Danger from the snares of the world, the snares of things that will not fulfill, snares of all the worthless and fleeting things or this life.  I know my God and yet I leave the safety of His love to chase after the bright red balls of this time.

But my God is good, He is so good!  He is creating in me a heart, a pure heart that longs only for Him! 

But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.  Psalm 1:2

This is where God is leading me, to delight in His word and thus, in Him.

The book of James says in verse 8, Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

So I draw, turning from the emptiness around me to my all loving God.

I will love You, O Lord, my strength.  The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;  my God, my strength, in who I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.  Psalm 18:1,2

I am growing closer and closer to Him each day and am falling more in love with Him moment by moment.

Give thanks to the God of gods.  Give thanks to the Lord of lords.  Give thanks to the God of heaven.  His love endures forever. Psalm 136: 2-3,26

 I wait patiently for what God is laying before myself and my family, seeing Him working in our lives is something all to marvelous to comprehend, let alone explain!  For now I am content to work on my relationship with my God, to grow closer and become more personal with Him. 

I will praise You as long as I live, and in Your name I will lift up my hands.  Psalm 63:4


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