Nov 13, 2010

Blog Spots

So I figured after my 100th post there, that I would share with you the two most common places I blog from.  First is my kitchen, specifically our kitchen window seat.  I LOVE my window seat!  When we first looked through our house before purchasing it, I said to my husband, "There NEEDS to be a window seat there!"  And it wasn't long after we moved in that he so graciously built one for me! 

It is here where we meet each morning for our devotions, here is where have weekend breakfasts together as a family, here is where we sit and contemplate thoughts and ideas, here is where the children fight over the pillows and attack sleeping cats, here is where friends gather and it is here where I am most content to just....sit.  It is a comforting place and where some of my best blogging is inspired from.

The second location I tend to blog from, though not as frequent, is on our big old desk in our dining room.  This desk was given to us by my dad and my hubby refinished the top, so it's all pretty now! (elbow grease goes along way...especially hubby's elbow grease haha)  It's so big which can work against us as it is one large surface to adorn in papers and other things.  But right now it is dressed with lovely flowers and an amazing candle that smells soooo good that I want to just take a big ol' bite out of it! 

I blog from here when the girls are playing or watching a movie.  From here I can see them and also have a nice view of the back yard and the incredible star magnolia that is in our neighbours yard.  Though barren now, it is the most gorgeous in sight and smell come spring!

So other then these locations, I have the occasion to post from my studio as well.  I would show you pictures of it...but it's real messy right now...and well I'll save that for another day.  Anyways that gives you a little insight into my daily life, just the everyday, just so you know a little more about me.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, what a pretty place to sit and relax! Your home is beautiful!


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